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I just bought a Vizio M43-C1 UHD TV for the house but before using it for TV watching I tried to use it on my radio desktop computer as a monitor. Works fine as in HD (1080) mode however, I can't figure out how to set the computer up to drive the TV monitor to anything except 1920 x 1080 (or lower). Checking the screen resolution on Window 8.1 only shows that 1920 x 1080 is the recommended setting. I am using a HP desktop, I7-4770K quad core with a Nivda GeForce GTX 745 Graphics video card and using a HDMI cable. Do I (or can I) set some thing (hardware or software) on the video card, the computer, the TV or some settings in WIN 8.1. Not much of a modern computer Geek so I need some help.
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I am successfully using a 48" UHD 4K TV as my primary screen in SmartSDR.  I am driving it with a GTX 980M GPU in an Asus gaming laptop.  To drive a 4K TV at 60Hz, the same refresh rate as most monitors, it requires HDMI 2.0.  Make sure your video card can do that.  Any Nvidia GPU 780 or newer supports HDMI 2.0.

It is amazing.  I picked 48" because 4K at 48" is ~ 100PPI.  100PPI is roughly the same PPI as most 1080p 24" or 1440p 27" screens.   This means that I do not have to run any DPI scaling in the OS to make it usable.   It simply looks like 4 24" screens tiled together and is glorious.  

Please be aware that buying any 4K screen is not the answer. Many 4K screens trick consumers by selling a TV that has 4K resolution in the luminance channel but only 1080p in the Chroma (color) channels.   This may be barely noticeable on 4K movie content, but it is extremely noticeable when used as a 4K monitor.   Do avoid this, you must have a video card and a TV that is capable of doing Chroma Subsampling 4:4:4.  The TV I selected was a bit more than some 4K screens, but it has very low input lag and proper 4:4:4 support.  It is the Samsung UN48JU7500.

Samsung TVs have a PC mode to turn off all the horrible processing that makes a screen bad for computer use.   This also reduces the input lag.  This TV has 23ms of input lag in PC mode.  Some TV's are as high as 80-100ms.  This would be unusable as a computer monitor.