USB3 interference with 2.4GHz

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Intel has published a paper detailing RF interference generated by USB3 devices in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. If you are seeing wifi problems near you PC that has USB3 devices connected, it possibly could be this!
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Posted 3 years ago

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This is nothing new but actually goes a bit beyond what has been indicated in the above link.

I've come across several complaints dating back at least as far as 2013 regarding Bluetooth devices interfering with hardwired USB3 devices.  I was on a site a little over 2 years ago where everyone was complaining that various wireless keyboards and mice just weren't working very well.  Some intermittent, slow to respond, hanging, poor range, etc.  Some folks had actually thrown out their wireless keyboards and mice thinking they were junk.  The group eventually traced the problem down to USB bluetooth transmitters and their association in relationship or proximity to other USB3 devices on the computer.  It seemed that when a USB3 device was plugged into a port that was next to a Bluetooth transciever, there were issues.

A classic example is that I have 2 USB ports on the front of my computer for easy access.   The left one is USB2 and the right one is USB3.  I have a Logitec Unifiying Receiver plugged into the USB2 port.  If I try to plug an external disk drive that uses USB3 into that port, it will shut down my wireless keyboard and mouse.  The confusion here is - what's interfering with what?  It would appear that plugging in a wired USB3 disk drive fires up the USB3 port and radiates enough interference to cause the Bluetooth receiver to no longer be able to pick the signals from the keyboard and mouse out of the air.

I have to move the receiver to a location that is NOT next to a wired USB3 device....

Interesting isn't it?

Norm - W7CK
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Well son of a gun.  I thought it was just me.  I have the exact same problem with my logitec keyboard and mouse.  I have the K800 and love it, sorta.  The problem is it goes for months on one charge and I forget about it.  Then it goes dead and I have to hunt around for the charge cable:)

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End of this year there CAN be a geostationaire amateur satelite available with uplink frequencies between 2400 ans 2410 MHz. That can give more problems with wireless communication on this band.  So better switch to 5.6 GHz.