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After all the noise being posted the past few days about "Flex is not keeping their promise on shipping dates for my 6300", etc., Gerald's announcement this evening that shipping dates have moved up roughly 2 months is nothing less than astonishing. It must have taken herculean efforts for the manufacturing team to make up this amount of time.

If this community is going to be so eager and willing to kick the Flex team on the back-side when things appear to be going badly, we better be just as eager to pat them on the back for a job well done!

Gerald, Greg, Steve and the whole Flex Radio team...well done and many thanks. I'm so looking forward to receiving my new Flex 6300. Field Day is going to be very exciting this year!

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Posted 5 years ago

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Well said Jay,

You will not see the complainer posting an apology or just saying THANK YOU!

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Praise and criticism when due. First let me say I do praise FRS for working to address the shipping schedule for those of us that placed orders included in the first production run.  At the same time I have expressed criticism of selling the FLEX-6300 across counter at Dayton when others had a order in place.
Now, I do understand FRS can do whatever they like. While it did sour my view of FRS it's not to the point for me to cancel my order.
This is not my first FRS product and I'm sure it will not be my last, I can't say that for the big three (Icom/Kenwood and Yaesu), IMO they have a long way to go to get customer service where it should be.
I worked, more than 10 years, part time for a major ham radio dealer when I lived in Northern Virginia, and I saw my share of poor customer service from those three.
Years ago Ten-Tec was a first class operation, however that's not the case any longer. They produce UGLY and difficult to use equipment.  I recall when I had a mult-op contest station, it was a happy day the Orion II found a new home.  I sold it to a non-contester and as far as I know he is or was happy with it.  Asking Ten-Tec to address issues just falls on deaf ears. Looking at what Ten-Tec is producing and the price point it's not something I want.
Having said this, serious hams ONLY have two manufactures left,  Elecraft  and Flex, both produce exceptional products.  I know this will bring rise to discussion, however the Elecraft K3 is the contest radio. Cutting edge technology is addressed with Flex. Both manufactures appear to be responsive to input and take the extra steps to address concern and issues.
Since I'm a occasional contester the Flex fits my requirements.  I expect users will have issues with the new Flex-6300, however I have confidence FRS will at least attempt to address timely.