swap my 6500 for a 6700 or a second 6500 ?

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Hi  already own a 6500 for near 6 Mont but as my interest was in VHF and up  
i run multiple Transverter  so on my 6500 i only able to monitor one band at the time 

so i look for a 6700 but honestly price was  double of a 6500 for add a extra ADC Chip(SCU)
may it better to simply buy another  6500 and have a extra TX  ( full duplex ) and spare radio  ?

i assume that on a 6700 if you tune to 144 you cannot monitor HF on the same SCU ,since harmonic filter  ?   like  144 + 432 > 28 on  SCU #1 and 1296 > 28 on SCU #2  so 3 band  ;-)

alos since smartSDR handel only 1 radio  did for V2.0  it was 200$ x 2 ?

so what you opinion  

73  Marc L.  VE2OLM
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Marc Lalonde

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Posted 4 years ago

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Marc, I think the right answer is not replace but add too
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Thom Baxter

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Can you run two radios at the same time on the same computer? Would diversity then work across both transceivers?
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Sergey, R5AU

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Thom, sorry i mean add too......6700 
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I think the issue might be software. I am not sure you can run 2 instances of SmartSDR on the same computer. You might need separate computers for 2x6500 versus one computer for 1x6700. I could be wrong.... but if that is the case, you might want to look into the cost of having two computers and separate monitors for each... etc...

Last time I tried to run a 6300 and a 6500 on the same PC at the same time I couldn't.
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Tim has said that SmartSDR does not support multiple instances on the same computer at this time.
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I recommend upgrading to 6700 for diversity RX.
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Right now we have simple diversity but only on the 6700.  Full diversity requires two (or more?) in phase IQ streams.  This means a 6700 with two separated antennae (GPSDO option not required) or two 6000 series RX anywhere in the world (GSPDO is required).

So now a 6700; sometime later GPSDO on two members of the 6000 series.

I failed to find the FRS reference in this community, at least a year ago.

73  Stan 

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Marc Lalonde

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Hi  diversity was probably useless for EME  antenna point to sky were noise was very low 

and not sure about it for terrestrial weak signal on VHF and above ?
i think that this is more for the noisy HF ?

second PC was not a big issue i already have 2 PC on 3 monitor
youk knot whit SamrtSDR , pstrotator ,WSJTX , web chat for sked ,QRZ.com  
you need quickly more Display/PC ;-)

hope that in V2.0  or later it handel multiple radio ,that will become plus value when remote  will work  ,whit local radio and a remote one 

and wly not have cluster of remote available radio ;-))