Started Transmitting all on its own

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I upgraded software to 1.4.16 and all went well. 

I left my 6700 on last night.  Just before going to bed, I made sure the volume was turned down. I looked around the shack and all was well.  I woke up in the middle of the night walked by the shack and noticed the darn 6700 was in transmit mode.  I know for a fact it was not in transmit when I went to bed.  SmartSDR was still working properly and all I did to remedy the problem was tap the MOX button.  I could have sworn I had the Transmit Timeout set for 10 min, but it was back at zero when I checked it.  Who knows how long it had been transmitting.

Microphone is connected to BAL on the back of the rig, active slice was on 2 meters FM.  The LDPA was in transmit, RF Power was at full scale and the fan going steady.  Luckily it was on a simplex frequency. DDUtil was not running at the time.

Anyone else ever experience this?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I have not seen any reports of this nature where the radio keys up without it being a software or a hardware assertion of PTT.  

One thing to note.  When the radio is transmitting, if you take your mouse pointer and put it on the red TX button at the bottom right hand corner of the console, a message box (tooltip) will appear and tell you what source is keying the radio, whether it is via software or a hardware PTT.  This will identify how the radio was keyed up so you can troubleshoot.
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I am not sure if this is it but I think I may have. It was reported as a phantom signal. I believe what it ended up being was VOX is active when in CW mode so any sound in the room will show as a very weakly modulated signal. That was not an FRS conclusion, as they never weighed in on it, pending a video of it.
That was months ago. So make sure vox is deselected. At the point I was seeing it I did not know how to do a youtube to show. Actually, let me see if I still have that recording on my phone, Yep, still have it.
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Do you have a cat who likes to lay on warm radios?  :-)
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I have one who loves to lay on my Astron power supply.
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With 1.4.11 I got occasional TX for a second or so on SSB but with no modulation.

This without an input from me. Not seen with 1.4.16 so far.

Andrew VK5CV

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Tim - Good to know on how to check what the keying source is.  If it happens again, I'll be sure to check. 

Duane - I don't have any pets or kids at the house.  This happened between 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.  Vox was not on and it was a steady carrier do to being on 2m FM.

Andrew - Thanks.

I know for a fact, it was NOT in transmit mode when I left the room to head off to bed.
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Blame it on the leap second that was added last night
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Another thing to keep in mind, the space bar on the keyboard when pressed will duplicate the last function used on the SSDR interface. If you had keyed your radio with the mox button last, a mouse (LOL) could run across your keyboard space bar and key it.