SSB MIC settings not functioning in V3 Multi-client

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Been trying to follow all the posts about V3 (hard job) and to my surprise it seems nobody has noticed or brought up malfunctioning microphone setup/SSB in Multi Client.

Currently if two clients are connected to 6600M then it is duplicating the MIC settings and things like MIC GAIN, PROCESSOR, etc can not be independently selected.

And most importantly it is not accepting microphone input from 2nd client at all. For example when I have Maestro in parallel with SmartSDR then it is even impossible to select PC mic at the computer. Only those choices are available that are on Maestro and changing input MIC changes the selection at the same time on the other client.

The same way when two SmartSDR clients are connected it accepts only microphone input of one client. It has been confirmed by two users and two 6600M's. 

A lot seems to be messed up currently in V3 regarding Multi-client SSB.

Has anyone actually managed to operate Multi-client SSB from two different locations? That means both clients on SSB at the same time. 
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Posted 3 months ago

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Yes, I have been able to.  One of the things I found is that I must use a different Mic Profile on each client so that the two clients don't fight for control of the Mic Profile.  Same thing may be true of the Transmit Profile, but I haven't tested that, since I do not have an amplifier or computer operated antenna like a StepIR.

Now my tests were done using my desktop at the office (remote via SmartLink) and my iPad, (also using SmartLink).  Each device had a different Mic Profile and they seemed to play nicely with each other.

I may need to do additional testing.  But I imagine that If I used a Mic Profile on one client and change it, then close it.  Then use that same Mic Profile on another client, that the changed made by the first client will have been saved on the fly and will be in force on the second client.

This is why I keep different Mic Profiles for each client and microphone.  Even If I am using the same Mic on different clients.  I may want different settings in each location.  sharing a Mic Profile only adds to frustration.

Are you having different difficulties than this?  If so, can you be more detailed?

Ken - NM9P
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Ken NM9P is correct. If you have two clients connected and want independent control over MIC settings, each client will have to be on a separate MIC Profile. 
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I trust that this insight (and others) will appear in the new manual when it eventually gets updated and released for v3: