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For several reasons, I'm wanting to migrate from outboard audio processing gear (eq, compressor, etc) to software based audio processing.  

On the PC I have everything setup, Mic input, DAW software, VST audio processor chain.  The problem I'm having is getting the audio routed to the Flex via DAX.  After a couple of days work with no success, I'm frustrated as hell.  Since the Flex works in the digital domain, I thought it would be simple.  Guess I should know better by now.

Either I'm doing something wrong (i hope) or this is another case of Flex either not implementing something (yet?) or it simply not being possible (I hope not).  

I know you can plug a mic into a PC and send audio to the Flex using the Remote feature but isn't there some way to do it when your NOT using Remote?  I don't want Remote receive audio coming from the PC.  I use an outboard mixer for all my receive audio routing.

If anyone is using software based audio processing, I would love to speak with you to see how your doing it.  Thanks.

System is...

Flex 6500
Win 10 x64
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Vincent Martin - N5ATM

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Posted 3 years ago

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dan flynn

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I'm interested in this also.   How about starting simple ..Can you get your DAX audio recorded using Audacity?  r/ Dan ww3n
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Vincent Martin - N5ATM

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Dan, I'm not exactly sure what your talking about.
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Ken - NM9P

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You need to send the processed audio to the DAX TX Audio, and activate the DAX button in the Transmit panel.

But there are several need to use VOX rather than PTT, because hitting PTT or the rear panel footswitch RCA connector will take the audio feed from either the rear panel BAL connector or the Front panel Foster connector.

The other is that you will probably need to feed your mic into your computer directly. I have not yet found a way to sample it from the DAX Mic Stream and also send processed audio into the DAX TX Audio stream at the same time.

I have played with Stereo Tool to do this, and never found that I could get anything better than carefully adjusted onboard PROC and TX EQ.

Ken - NM9P
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Michael Coslo

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I guess the question is what manner of outboard processing is needed? There is a lot of ability within the program. Even the SSDR compression beats most anything else IMO. 

But as Ken wrote, use a mic into the computer, process it with whatever software suits your needs, and feed the output of that program to DAX.
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PTT works fine if you use a com port configured for PTT via Smart CAT.
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Vincent Martin - N5ATM

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Ken, that did it.  Thank you!  I was hoping it would be a simple fix.  I would not have guessed the VOX part though for sure.

For further clarification...
Heil pr781 > Mackie 1202-vlz3 mixer > Aux1 out to sound card line-in. 
VSTHost > various VST's (still experimenting here) > and thanks to you, DAX audio TX.
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Assuming the need is for 2.9Khz J3E and the capability of the radio is somehow inadequate. The most direct route is D/A out of the PC via an existing or additional soundcard into either the balanced or unbalanced radio inputs is the most direct path to end of job.

As Ken points out this retains the foster PTT or foot switch capabilities.

73, Jay
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Tim Lacy

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Behringer XM8500 -> Steinburg UR12 -> PC (Equalizer APO 1.1.1) -> DAX

Took a bit of twiddling to get the parts to play well together, but so far, so good.

This is on a Flex 6300.  The Steinburg was the key that glued it together.