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trying to setup for SO2R rtty using N1MM...the how to setup SO2R guide on the flex website doesnt mention anything about TX profiles.....I have A set for ANT1ANT1 and B set for ANT2ANT2, Im using external bandpass soon as I go to transmit, the radio blinks red and shuts down....I think I see transmit inhibit flash on the maestro before it shuts down...If I turn RF power down to zero, it works....what am I missing? I read the profile guide about assigning TX profiles to antennas, but the instructions dont seem to make sense...
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I suspect that the radio is changing frequencies for you and the antenna tuner is not changing correspondingly, so you have a high SWR. Do you get the same thing with a dummy load attached? May have to have one on each ANT to test. 

See the behavior on my radio with WSJT-X with multiple instances running. If I am on say 20 m and I see a station on 40m I enable wsjt-x tx on 40m, it switched to 40m and transmits but SWR is high because the antenna tuner is still on 20m. I do use slice-master 6000 so that may be another factor. My radio does not shut down. Your problem maybe more impactive because of the extreme high impedance if it is on the wrong ANT.

May try setting everything to one band and see if you get the same result. ANT1ANT1 and ANT1Ant1 with the same freq on your two slices.

I think it is a problem but I work around it by making sure I focus on the TX of the slice I want to move to and put it in focus.I am still fuzzy about the antenna tuner Auto button and MEM button and which are being used when I am jumping around bands. Transmit profiles has caused me some issues with changing power settings when I just click between TX on two different bands. Power jumps from 40 watts that I had set it to to full power which makes my amplifier groan. The point is that profiles can change things unexpectedly because of my lack of knowledge.

Third party software like N1MM and Slice-Master 6000 as well as others can add another level of interaction with the Flex Radio. 

Bill W9JJB