SmartSDR for iOS v1.0.2 Revisited

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I've been using/learning SmartSDR for iOS for the past week.  Marcus has done a tremendous job in what appears to me to have been a very quick development period and I look forward to continued improvements in its capabilities.

At the moment, here's what I have discovered after using the app and reading every post in the Flex Community and elsewhere about using it in a LAN vs WAN environment:

  • In my home LAN environment, the app is like Mary Poppins...practically perfect in every way.  My LAN is 1 GB fiber up/down Internet service (no, not Goggle); a full 1 GB home network for practically every device; and a Netgear Night Hawk 6 for use with the Flex/Apple products.

  • Attempting to use in a WAN environment has audio, no waterfall, no indication that the app is alive.  See attached screenshot photo from my iPhone 6 Plus


    I have a Synology DS-1812+ server with VPN which I and my family use almost daily.  I normally use L2TP though it is capable of PPTP & OpenVPN protocols.

    I've attempted multiple connections from non-home environments but nothing seems to make any audio, no waterfall, no indication that the app is alive.

    Countless permutations of port opening/forwarding do not provide any relief of the problems noted above.  Yes, I'm familiar of the various ports used by SoftEther vs other VPN protocols/providers.

    My ISP does not block any port other than for email servers (not allowed on home user networks).  Despite that prohibition, they are also very open and helpful in customers doing "more exotic" and advanced things at home.

    Some users appear to be using the app in a WAN environment though many posts reflect that it is not always possible to consistently duplicate someone else's success in that regard. Unless I've missed it somewhere, did Marcus or Flex actually say this version was ready for use in a WAN environment?

    I don't think I saw that even mentioned in the announcement for the app.

  • My conclusion is that surely this is not qualified for WAN use at the present as there is way too much variability in what it takes to get it running for reproducible success from user to user.  If I missed it somewhere along the way, I apologize but a nice big "fat" obvious note saying "Designed for LAN Use Only for Now" would have left me with more hair on my head.

  • I love the app and my 6700...perhaps I just didn't get the memo about LAN vs WAN use.

    Looking forward to seeing the app advance even more...
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Posted 4 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Howard,

You must be a mind reader.  I was doing that very thing just about the time your wrote your post.

SoftEther VPN is in place.  I'm connected to the Flex through AT&T cellular network from my iPhone 6 Plus.  Audio, waterfall, and app are certainly alive and well.

Yeah, I'll have to talk to the Synology folks about this problem.  I'd prefer to keep VPN on it rather than on a PC but for now this definitely works.

My thanks to all that replied to my post including you Howard.  Now if I can get my hair to grow back!

Gary AK4ZX