Slice A Should be Centered After Frequency Change via CAT

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For contesting, it would be better if a slice is always centered in the panadapter after a frequency change via CAT, even if within the same band. At the very least, this should be an option.

Scenario: I am working search & pounce in a contest using N1MM Logger. N1MM is designed for maximum speed/efficiency in contests. The way to achieve this is for N1MM to always have the focus. I tune from station to station by clicking on spots in the N1MM band map, working my way up the band. Occasionally, I need to use the FlexControl to make minor adjustments in the frequency (often the guy who spotted the station wasn't very accurate). I look at SmartSDR -- lo & behold, slice A is off the edge of the panadapter! I have to move the mouse to SmartSDR, re-center Slice A, & move the mouse & click on N1MM to get the focus back where it belongs. Rather annoying!

If a frequency change via CAT were to always result in Slice A centered on the panadapter, then the focus could be left with N1MM & several extra steps eliminated.

This same scenario probably applies to the other contest logging programs also.

73, Ray, K9DUR
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Posted 6 years ago

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Brilliant solution to a VERY annoying problem
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It definitely needs to be a selectable option.

I also notice that the CAT command from my N3FJP contest logging programs will not work half the time if it needs to change bands. If I click a spot in a different band It just sits there until I manually change the band, then I can make it move to the right frequency. What gives with this?

(Running 6500, Flex Knob (via radio), CAT, DDUtil, Win 8, N3fjp programs)
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After working in the CQ WW CW contest this weekend, all I can say about centering the panadapter after a point and shoot from the contesting software's bandmap is AMEN and AMEN!!!!

If the DX station's frequency is out of the current panadapter range you can't see your VFO to make any changes in filter or anything else . It talks a manual clink on the transparent VFO identifier on the edge of the screen to get panadapter to the correct range. Nice for casual operating, but a time consuming distraction for contesting.
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I brought this exact point up some time ago. I was recently informed there would be additional tuning functions that would tune the panadapter along with the slice. This is one of the biggest issues with using the radio for contesting.

The panadapter tuning needs to be tied to the same tuning CAT commands, FA; FB; so the fix would be transparent to loggers like N1MM.