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Please only answer if you work with or for Flex.

Ok batch 1 is being shipped now.... is there an rough guess to what order dates it will fulfill?

6400... thru approx. order date.
6400M... thru approx. order date.
6600... thru approx. order date.
6600M... thru approx. order date.

Second question, if and when is second batch expected to Austin?

This simple info will helps lot of people get off edge of seat........
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Posted 2 years ago

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David Kowell

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I ordered mine in oct  and paid it off in full jan 11 was told I would see mine end of feb. some idea  of order date /ship date would be nice  would sure cut down on phone calls to order desk
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Official Response
Maybe you missed this post from Gerald Youngblood the President a couple of days ago, let me paste it here for you

Some of this will be repetition but let me provide some clarity on the process.  
  1. All models are shipping.  We are invoicing and shipping every day.
  2. The factory builds in batches by model number for quality control and to maximize efficiency.  Unfortunately, the flow from the factory does not necessarily match the exact backlog order sequence.
  3. This means that some orders will ship out of sequence.
  4. The "M" models require significantly more hand labor than the non-M models thus throughput is lower on those models.
  5. We are working with the factory to more closely align with our model backlog sequence but there is a practical limit when dealing with a batch manufacturing process.
  6. We are adding more internal resources to handle the peak loading on operations due to the large order backlog.  
We thank you for your patience as we catch up with the backlog over the next few weeks.  Unless you have a specific problem with your order we request that you minimize calls and emails so that the team can focus on shipping radios.  

Thanks and 73,
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Patience grasshopper. They will build it and it will come.

Ordered 5/24/17, shipped 2/5/18 and received 2/9/18.
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C'mon, just call Flex and ask what their prediction is for your order!! I might be over-reacting but these discsussions just seem to be aimed at 'another long delay to get my radio' rant!
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I agree with your answer. Isn’t it enough we’ve all been reading the same endless production problems facing Flex regarding these new radios over the course of the last several weeks. The first announcement back in mid January was the delivery of transceivers shipped to the beta testers for software integrity. The following communication was directed at the batch processing build of radios via the random conveyer belt assembly process. Then followed by this recent quote:  “We are working with the factory to more closely align with our model backlog sequence but, there is a practical limit when dealing with a batch manufacturing process." This sounds more like malarkey or a tactful way of saying the end of the backlog will continue for six more weeks since Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow.   
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And your point is?
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Problem is that if you call or email Flex they just don't know due to the way Flex chose to produce various modals in batches. I am a first time Flex user and ordered a 6600M on 5/23/17 and been waiting over 3 weeks since my paid invoice for a shipping email. Unfortunately I have no choice but to either continue waiting or cancel my order. We''ll see what happens this week.
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Gerald summed it up pretty well. The factory and staff are so busy assembling, testing and final QA that it the exact prediction is not as simple as you think.

That is why when we talk to you, it isn't always so black and white. And, thanks to social media, everything gets blown out of proportion.

Sorry, but we are peddling as fast as we can.

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Do you have any credentials to prove you are an employee ;)
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I will witness that fact!!
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I vote this one the best response to a community question for 2018. Quote "Gerald - K5SDR, David, I responded to your question 3 hours ago to the best of my ability. I have definitely been an employee since we started in 2003. ;>)" Unquote
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"Mark, Apparently you didn't read my question...... or my asking for employee's to reply only.  Its still not been answered." -- K5ROX

1)  I'll post in any thread I wish, anytime I have anything to say.  Get your head around that.  You don't control this forum.

2)  There have been numerous answers to your questions, by FRS employees, in this thread.  The answers just weren't what you wanted to hear.
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I got the answer to my question, Gerald covered it 100%, sorry didn't know "Apparently" was YOUR word......ill step lightly next time.
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Dave, knowing when you ordered your radio, I would be willing to bet you will get it much quicker than I or others who ordered last May and afterwards.
I know it's not much consoluation, but, once they do get the preorders from last year out, I think shipping of newer orders will be much faster and smoother.
Besides, for their own reasons, FRS will not reveal the exact data you are asking for. Believe me, I know this for a fact. I've annoyed them quite a bit over the same thing and the results are the same as others here have stated. You'll just be stressing yourself out trying to push the issue. Just realize that FRS IS a small company that sells a product that there is a great demand for, and it is hard for them to keep up with.
Plus, I personally think their intentions are good, but they far underestimate the time etc. to meet their anticipated demand for their products. So, we all either need to adjust to that and understand it, or do as I think, I will do, should they announce another, can't live without radio, wait till they are in stock and ready for immediate shipment, before buying.
It's not worth stressing over, otherwise.
still just an old Advanced Amateur! :-)
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Official Response


I can clarify a few things relative to your questions but not all.  

We outsource manufacturing just like most companies (e.g. Apple, Dell, etc.) do these days.  Our contract manufacturing ("CM") partner is 1/4 mile from us in the same industrial complex so I can be there in less than a couple minutes.  Our partner builds products for many customers including some well known names.  We are one of their top revenue customers and are fortunate to have a very close working relationship.  

We provide our CM with a 12 month rolling forecast updated monthly that they use to plan materials procurement and production.  Technically there is no "second batch" because they are now building to our forecast.  However, we initially gave them a large build commitment before we announced the new radios, which quickly sold out.  We received a very large number of orders within the first few weeks of announcement that we are working through now.  Once we work through that initial backlog, the order date sequence will pick up momentum.  We expect to get a fairly constant flow from the factory until we catch up with the backlog.  

As stated previously, all models are shipping in volume.  As with any new product launch, there are learning curve issues that have to be worked out.  The biggest issue we are working through currently is to get the correct product mix from the factory to match our order sequence.  They are committed to working this issue with us and have already taken steps to do so.

For competitive reasons we will not provide more public information.  I will say that we are estimating that we can ship new radio orders before the end of April.  Today at the factory I saw PC boards that have gone through assembly and initial functional test that should go into final assemblies within that time frame.   The PCBs are built and tested well in advance of final assembly since they all have to come together at the same time in the correct mix.  

FlexRadio and our CM partner are working diligently to ship your radio as soon as we can.  It is in our mutual best interest to do so.  I respectfully request that everyone refrain from contacting us to ask "When will I get my x?" unless you think there is some problem with your order.  The communications volume (phone and email) is taking time away from team members who could actually use that time to improve shipment throughput.   

Thanks for your patience as we work through a very large backlog of orders.

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Thanks... that covered my answer, At one time a second batch was talked about and now I see its more of a flow then batches ...... I think this info will ease a lotta people like me into simply waiting.

I wont ask.... ill just watch for when other get theres and figure I'm in there somewhere in a sorta orderly fashion as production allows.
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This is what happens when you want to be the first on your block with a new toy. You're in such a rush to get it and then all you do is complain if the first batch is late or has bugs.

Complaining to Flex about your late order will not make the process go any faster. Stop nagging them. You'll get your radio when you get it.

Next time wait until it's been out a while and in stock. Then you'll get it right away and most or all bugs will be fixed.

The 6700 was out for years before I bought one and it is absolutely the best radio I've ever had. I will never buy another brand. I'm sure it had bugs and delays when it was first introduced but much of that was resolved long before I bought mine which took about 1 week after my order to get here.

The few issues I had were my own fault and were very quickly answered by Flex. They have the best customer service I've ever experienced. Top notch!

These are all new models and issues are to be expected. Give them time to work out the kinks and I'm sure you'll be happy in the long run.
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So glad you enjoy your FLEX-6700!

The good news is that there are very very few product related kinks.  Everything we are working on is related to normal production start up learning curve and getting the product mix coordinated between actual order sequence and the factory build sequence.  This is very different from when the FLEX-6700/6500 were first launched because the all of new models are all built on the existing SmartSDR platform, which is now very 

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You can always get an icom 7610 with all the issues its having now and that will help get 1 person less backlog
and speed up the delivery ... you might even save a few bucks since they just dropped the price by $340 but it still wont do full duplex.
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Hey now, I have one of those IC 7610 or was it two? I have a museum to fill and lucky not to be in the backlog as I wait until next year when they start shipping from stock... I hope. Pretty dang amazing product when everyone is chewing their fingernails down waiting to get theirs.
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Oh great swami!  When will every one else who ordered before me get their order shipped?  At least I didn't ask when mine would ship hihi.  Never mind, that crystal ball looks like it is analog - not software defined ...

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