Remote Power On/Off from Maestro

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Is remote power On/Off from Maestro coming soon?  I hate having to go downstairs to switch the radio On/Off when I'm upstairs with the Maestro.  Yes, first world problems, and no I don't want to rig a wifi  power switch.
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Posted 3 years ago

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The horror
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I have no idea to be honest. There may not be a way to turn it on or off with SSDR or the Maestro the more I think of it. If the unit isn't on, then the Maestro can't see the radio. You may find out that there isn't an option or a plan to do so at the moment (I'm just guessing).

I use my unit remotely and I have an entire remote control panel for many things, including the 6300. I am often a few hundred km's away. :)

I also tend to forget to turn it off for weeks at a time to, so it hasn't been a very big priority for me.

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I am aware that you don't want to rig a wifi switch solution. But it really is very easy, and inexpensive. I did it for about $30US.

Here is information I posted in another thread about how I did it...
Just in case you want to reconsider an interim solution.

I just received this from Amazon and had it hooked up and running in 10 minutes. It cost $8.95 with Free shipping (Amazon Prime Member). It has an AC pigtail to plug in and a three terminal panel to wire to N.O. or N.C. contacts. It is slick, and cheaper than I could ever build myself!

I am switching it with a NEO Wifi Controlled AC Switch that I also got from Amazon for about $22.

Or you can use a WiMo brand switch which is good, but more expensive.

Both have iPhone and iPad applications to turn them on & off.

Ken - NM9P
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The other thing, as I think of it... if you turn off the radio with the Maestro, there it can't connect to itself to turn itself back on. :) Maybe if there was a WOL feature, but I'm not sure if the hardware even exists to do that on the radio.

Personally, I use the Remote RCA connector on the back.

Mike va3mw
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The 6500 can already be put into standby mode; I.e the supplies are on. I suppose I should try pinging it to see if the Ethernet is still awake.
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My Icom IC-7850 has a selectable mode at shut down that puts the radio into a "standby" mode so you can wake it up remotely. I'm sure it can be done by Flex. Just a matter of priorities.



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I guess it depends just how much 'off' do you want it. Personally, off to me means removed from Main power source. This is good for power surge protection. Any, anything is trivial if you throw enough money at it. :) The $30 web switch seems like a great choice and then you have it totally removed from all power concerns.
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I needed something for switching antenna directions at the remote so purchased a Microbit 1216H Webswitch.  I use 4 of the 5 relays to control receive antenna direction for the BOG antennas and the 5th position is wired to an rca plug and plugged into the back of the 6700 so I can turn it on and off via the Ethernet.  The control app runs on my local PC.   

Not what you probably want to hear.


Larry  K1UO

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As the Maestro system sets atop an embedded version of Microsoft Windows, I wonder if the net command "Shutdown" would work. If it does, then it would be SMOP (Small matter of Programming) to add this function to both SmartSDR for Windows and Maestro. You must know the machine's net-bios name for this to work.

Here is the command. It may need to be used with the "Net Use" command to elevate the user to Admin Privileges:

Command Syntax 
Usage: shutdown [-i | -l | -s | -r | -a] [-f] [-m \\computername] [-t xx] [-c "comment"] [-d up:xx:yy]

-i Show the graphical user interface of shutdown window 
-l To log off from the machine. Make sure that you are not using -l switch with -m switch 
-s Shutdown the desired computer 
-r Shutdown and restart the computer 
-a Abort a system shutdown 
-m -m\\machine name is used for to shutdown/restart/abort remote computer 
-f Forces running application to close without warning 
-t -t xx set timeout for shutdown command to xx seconds 
-c -c"comment" to add shutdown comment, you can add up to max 127 characters