Question- Any info on specs, cost and availabilty of the 4O3A companion HF tuner ?

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Any info on the 4O3A companion HF tuner ?
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Posted 3 years ago

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That is a good point as all Demos I have seen used a perfect match dummy load so just how it tunes into real antennas with varying impedances is a good question and if an external tuner is needed, then the cost just went up
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The tuner will be an external 2 box product. There will be a command box network connected to the radio and a tuner box that can be remote at the antenna. Power and communications between the command box and remote tuner is over the coax. No clues about price. However the P.G.-XL will perform into SWR of 2.5:1 so tuner may not be needed for many users.
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If there is no tuner, what is to keep from the reflected power dissipating in the resistive component of the amplifier? Will a 2.5 heat up the finals? How long can this go on before damage occurs?

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Most likely the amp will fold back on power. The amp monitors many conditions during operation so damage is avoided. We will learn more as testing progresses at FRS.
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Maybe the use of 2 x LDMOS 1.5KW parts allows plenty of VSWR "headroom" as well as lots of "dynamic range"?
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Use Palstar HF Auto here, handles 1.5Kw works great after tuning with 10 watts
with Flex6700 and my HF 1.5Kw Amp 

Always Tune with 10Watts, none of these Tuners, Palstar, SPE-2K, etc
can not HOT RF On tune at 1500watts output, you will destroy tuner & amplifier
if you do !

SPE limits VSWR to 2:5:1 to protect their SPE-2K-FA finals and to
protect their Internal Tuner from damage

Before they did this change, the early SPE 1K-FA's would die so SPE modified their design and 
modified their maximum VSWR limits.

73 Mike
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SPE limit is 3:1 ...
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Sounds like a reliable and firm design. Since I use a SteppIR, SWR is not an issue but good to know that if the motor(s) should fail, I won't hurt the amp.

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Talked to Ranko at Hamcation.  A tuner will be available around Dayton time.  He said the tuner will have local control in the shack with the tuning elements remoted closer to the antenna. FRS has been quoted that control and power will be via the coax.   No info on pricing.
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Hmm.. power & control over coax...

Would there even be a need for the over-coax command & power if for the AntennaGenius 2x8 Switch that one has already provided tower base location power and internet?

Would think the coupler "body" would be between the PowerGeniusXL Amp and Antenna Genius 2x8 switch, with the choice being which end. 

Both ends would already have power and net.

BTW planning to pull fiber rather than wire for my shack-to-tower internet at my Island station being built.  Already have several CAT5e pulled at the home QTH, so will live with that for now.


Steve K9ZW