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I have a 6600M running v 2.39. I am hearing a relay no matter what combo of antennas are selected.  The QSK icon is always on no matter what the CW delay settings are?  Why? The BREAKIN button off seems to disable the transmitter ?  I would think BREAKIN button would enable or disable QSK ?  Something doesnt seem quite right here compared to other radios I've operated.

The manual says this about QSK....  

  • PIN diode silent CW QSK operation on ANT1 and ANT2 require that both receive and transmit be on the same antenna or that a dedicated receive-only antenna be used on RX A, RX B, XVTA or XVTB. If ANT1 and ANT2 are used separately as receive and transmit antennas, the transmitter reverts to mechanical relay TR switching. Each Slice has a QSK annunciator that indicates when PIN diode TR switching is engaged.

Can someone please tell me what Flex's design philosohy is in regards to  CW on this radio?

I'm a bit confused !



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The break-in button will either allow QSK (with the delay adjustable) or, when inactive, require PTT (foot switch or MOX button). You may be hearing a relay if you have TX1, TX2, or TX3 enabled - these contact closures can switch external devices. I can't recall if they are physical relays or solid state, but I -think- they may be your answer.

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I tried this just now. I disabled Breakin in the Menu and QSK is still available for any slice that has TX focus, no matter what other settings. I am unable to remove QSK. So, it not really clear how that is supposed to work either.

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I don’t think this radio uses PIN diodes. I think the manual is wrong or there is bug. Thankfully the relay is very quiet . I just want to understand the QSK feature.
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Late reply, but have had my Flex for just 6 days now.  I do not use SmartSDR on the PC - run only with the Maestro and 2.4.9 SmartSDR.  Here's how it works here:  I use an external Winkeyer and key the 6500 via the accessory DIN connector on the rear panel.  According to what I've read, that changes the keying situation a bit.  If I turn the Breakin button (on the Phone/CW section of the Menu) off, then the rig can't be keyed at all.  But, the Maestro display still indicates QSK.  When I turn Breakin to Enabled,  Maestro still says QSK.  Whether it operates QSK or semi-breakin depends entirely on the value in the Delay item on the Transmit menu.  If the delay is 0, I get full breakin.  For semi-breakin, I run the value between 150 and 335 depending upon code speed, whether it's a contest, etc.  I use an external QSK unit on the amp (controlled by the output of one of the PTT connectors on the 6500 rear panel) to handle the amp keying timing.  

All of that works just fine.  Why the QSK Indicator on the Maestro is always on is a mystery to me.