Problems with DAX Drivers - unsigned certificates

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Hello, owner of a brand new Flex 6300 since yesterday I'm having an

issue with the DAX sistem which doesn't work at all.

Let's start saying that on my PC I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and I've
the Service pack already installed.

I started with the insallation of Ssdr 1.9.3 and while the software is
working together with Cat application, the DAX is not working at all and
reports driver errors; checking in depht I found that the error in in
the lack of "digital signature".

I tried with the update of the Root certificate, manually uptaded
Windows but the error is still there.

So, I started once again > format Hard Disk > install again Windows 7 >
run updates > run Root certificate update > install Ssdr with
administator privilege but it's all like before: DAX not working because
of digital signature.

As I'm fighting against my PC since 30 hours, after reading all
informations on the Flex community about previous issues I, honestly,
don't know what else to do.

Please have a look at the attached picture and help me solve this problem.

Hope to receive news from you very soon.

Sincererly yours, Felice IZ8FFA

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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Felice,

This is a problem with Windows 7 install and the update service. Chances are you need around 150 to 250 updates, but your Windows 7 installation media is too old (even if it has Service Pack 1) and update hangs forever.

It is happening to a lot of people that tried Windows 10, didn't like it and wanted to go back. Microsoft is not making it easy at all for anyone to do that.

After some research I found a way around this issue.

First thing you need is to stop the BITS service, stop Update and clear the Update cache and history.
There is information in this website on how to do it:

My advice is that you download the batch file provided in that site and remember to run it as administrator. By going to the folder where it downloaded and Right Clicking It and "Run as Administrator" (This will be different in Italian)

You then proceed to install, ONE BY ONE, and restarting after each one, the following 3 UPDATES from Microsoft.

You need to select the right one for your Windows 7 (32Bit or 64Bit)

I have shared this information already with 9 different Flex users with the same problem as you.
I went as far as putting all the necessary files in a convenient ZIP file I placed in Dropbox.
This is the link to the ZIP file, or you can download from the links above directly from Microsoft (a bit longer but the safer thing to do... never trust downloads from strangers, including me, hi hi).

Remember to RESTART windows after each one of those 3 updates. Follow the order from smaller number to bigger. Top to bottom in the list above.

After that last restart you can run Windows Update and it should find a ton of updates for your system. Make sure to change UPDATE setting so it will not automatically install anything

IMPORTANT: There is a particular update (KB971033) that will check if you Windows is Genuine. This is one the the updates at the bottom of the list. If you selected Automatic Updates this one will get installed and render your Windows inactivated, stopping further updates and the possibility to install DAX. It is imperative that you do not install it. Even if you have a valid copy of Windows 7 with your valid Key this update is known to break windows and you will have to go through a lot of trouble to get back to Windows activated (either legally calling Microsoft tech support... good luck with that, or illegally running a boot loader... dangerous as many are loaded with nasty viruses and trojans)... so just do not install that update.

If you have a lot of updates, including drivers and other things I would select a smaller group of updates, like 10 or 15 and get those going. Start from the bottom up.

If you have around 200 updates it will be 1.5 GB of data and it could take several hours. So if you are in a metered connection be aware of that.

I am not sure which one of those 200+ updates is the one necessary to get the DAX driver signatures going. It would be great if Flex Radio would tell us so we do not have to go through this painful process every time you install Windows 7.

Good luck!