N1MM spectrum display with DXSpots plus smartSDR

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  • Updated 2 years ago
Here's the demo of N1MM with spectrum display with DX Spots together with smartSDR

73 de K6TE Wim
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Posted 2 years ago

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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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Wouldn't it be some much more effective if the spots were directly integrated into the display instead of having to run N1MM

I might note that it already exists in SSDR for iOS.
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Ria - N2RJ, Elmer

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I'm fine with that as long as I can turn it off so it doesn't clutter my display. 
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John Molenda

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Great I hope we see it because I still cannot get n1mm to show the spots on the waterfall
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Yes, I'm having the same problem.  The N1MM+'s spectrum waterfall comes up just fine, but I never see any station spots on it.  I'm wondering if I'm missing some config parameter somewhere.
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John - AF3K

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Also see this one showing the spectrum scope in vertical orientation https://youtu.be/4RrOHlTbi1I

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Steve Jones

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N1mm and crew deserve a medal

I have cut out the middleware and finally jumped for a new ic7300 - due to the high integration with n1mm and the spectrum window with spots. Used it in wae dx cw contest and a 4m contest last weekend - superb on hf and vhf. The 4m facility plus this new integration made a 7300 a no brainer whilst waiting for the delayed 6600. The radio doesnt randomly crash either and i now have squelch again on 4m and 6m ssb. Hope by the time the 6600 is out in the uk ssdr 2.xx will be sorted. Uk dealers appear to have run out of stock of 6300 and 6500, so might have a chance of selling my 6300 over the next few months gap before the 6400m hits the uk.

Still love my flex though:-)

Steve gw0gei / gw9j
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This is really what should be integrated into SSDR in my opinion.

I think a threshold line makes this all worth while.  In my case not having a 200 foot tower and beam there is not much I can hear so DX spots really don't do a lot unless I can go to the freq and see a signal.

A while ago I played with HRI Agent to post where flex radio users were operating.  In my ideal world this would be posted on spots so you could "spot yourself" and signify somehow as a flex user.

I'd love to see the DX spot ability in the pan be able to decipher this.  Combine that with a threshold line and you have a great tool to use both in contests and just to find other people with the same interests.