MOX Button Size Needs to be BIG for Remote Tablet Operation

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Hello all,

I've been using 1.40 over my LAN using a 10" Windows touch-screen tablet.  It works quite well.  Thanks!  I can't wait for the WAN remote capability.

I like to run SmartSDR half screen so that I can monitor and control my antennas and amplifier in the other half of the screen.  This reduces the MOX button in SmartSDR to a size that is very hard to use conveniently.

I was hoping that in the next release an option for a MOX button the size of West Virginia could be added to help to minimize missing the target on the touch screen.


Bob,  W7KWS
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Posted 4 years ago

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Obviously It would be quite convenient to have a larger MOX button for tablets.

However,  I usually run via VOX when remote and in a quiet location... as the turn around time for MOX can be lengthy.

Alternatively... once you hit MOX once when using Remote, then you can use the space bar to toggle MOX on and Off... the space bar is LARGE... as long as SSDR Remote has focus
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I seem to remember thinking several years back that VOX could be quite effective if, instead of using voice detection as is currently done, "speech" detection was employed.  This would exclude inappropriate noises from keying the transmitter.

At the time such a circuit would have had to be external to the radio or require a big time firmware change so I didn't proceed with the thought.  Now, however, we have a quite capable PC for implementing such a function in SmartSDR. 

Maybe the software gurus at Flex might think this worthy of their time. If so, please include a short digital delay in the audio.  Just enough to let the transmitter & any amplifier get up to power before the first syllable hits the radio

A nice enhancement to such a feature would be selective, trainable speech detection so as to also discriminate between other operators in a crowded contest shack.

Best regards,

Bob, W7KWS
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It's a tablet so no keyboard. The on screen keyboard covers half the screen unless I reduce it but then the spacebar becomes small & looses it's value.

As for VOX, my location is rarely quiet when I sneeze.

Best regards from my recliner my, tablet & 17-meters.

Bob, W7KWS

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Have you tried using a Stylus instead of your finger(s). I have one for my
Nextbook 10.1 (Win 8.1) that has a detachable keyboard and I find the stylus to be easier to use in some situations. There are kits that include cheap stylus on Amazon.
Or get one at Best Buy.
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In a previous idea post I suggested adding VOX and MOX buttons to the bar at the bottom of the display. This will be easier to select and allows hiding the radio panels.

When using a tablet I sometimes close to radio panels because of the lack of real estate, this removes the MOX and VOX buttons, I would sometimes like to turn the VOX off when not transmitting to avoid accidental triggering.

Karl, KB2AS