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While I am a happy customer and have jumped on the 6300 bandwagon, I am puzzled by the recent product introduction. Kudos for having the 6300 immediately available upon product release, but the fact that they were basically out of stock before Dayton even began and had to do some last minute shuffling in order to make sure a few were available at the show is puzzling. Either they are under capitalized, did a poor job of forecasting demand, or are gun shy. Knowing of course that hind sight is 20/20, it really was not that difficult to speculate that demand would be high given the price point and market trends. I'm also sure that Flex is painfully aware that they could have done better. In any event, I am happy for them and wish them continued success. There are far worse problems that they could have endured, such as the 6700,6500 introduction.
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Official Response
We just missed the mark on demand.  While we believed that the FLEX-6300 would be well received, it's always a concern that we are "drinking the Kool-Aid" (believing that our product would be better received than reality).  We sold our first quarters' predicted volume in a week-and-a-half so we really missed the mark.  

We put a large number of radios on a truck headed to Dayton the week before Dayton and then with all of the orders realized that we were in the unenviable position of being able to offer radios over the counter at Dayton while we could not fulfill all the orders placed online earlier.  This didn't seem fair to those that ordered online even though it was a forecasting issue on our side and we didn't foresee what would happen.  To "right this wrong" we made a decision to ship a number of radios that we had sent to Dayton to customers that had ordered online.  It was quite the logistical challenge, but we managed to ship radios from Dayton direct to customers that had ordered online before Dayton.  If you received you radio this week and it was sent from Dayton, this is why.

We are now working to pull up the production schedule as much as we can including rushing component delivery at additional cost.  We'd love to be perfect at forecasting, but it's hard to know how well a brand-new product will be received.  We certainly didn't want to join the ranks of electronic companies with famous overestimations of demand although this didn't occur to us while we were forecasting ;-)  See Atari video game burial