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This idea was suggested by Jerry / W4UK.   I made a mockup for him (attached below) and submitted the idea. 

Currently you can mute a slice by clicking on the speaker icon in the slice.  You can also disable the audio (speaker or headphones) for all slices by clicking on the speaker icon in the upper right.  But you can't just MUTE all the slices with one click and un-mute one slice at a time.   If you have multiple slices open and only want to listen to one of them or a different one, it can take a lot of clicks

Jerry's idea is to enable that ability to mute all of the slices with ONE CLICK.   The mockup below shows one way to do that.  It requires the addition of a new button I called the "Master Mute."    The Master Mute does not affect the speaker and phones audio buttons or level control.  It does mute all of the slices when clicked and the icon changes to show it is active (with the red lock).  You can then un-mute a slice by clicking on the speaker icon in the slice.  Once a single slice has been un-muted the Master Mute icon returns to the normal state (no red lock).  All other slice icons would remain muted.   

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com

CLICK for full size picture.

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Posted 6 years ago

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in PowerSDR, the asterisk button on the keyboard did just that...very handy when the XYL is using her QSK mouse required!
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Good idea, I liked.  :)
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How about a “SOLO” Slice option/button where when the “Solo Slice” button is enabled if you click once on the speaker icon on any slice it will “solo” that slice and mute all other slices and when you click again it returns all slices to previous state. Or it can even just be Shift + Click.

just a random thought....:)