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While Elecraft is the official sponsor for the Palmyra Expedition (K5P), I thought I'd share a picture of some new equipment making a debut on the island.  A couple of these were able to stow-away on the plane out and are getting a real workout.  See if you can spot anything new in the picture.  Rumor has it that the participants are fighting over who gets to operate the Flex next!

Pictured is Glenn Johnson, W0GJ
Photo of Steve - N5AC

Steve - N5AC, VP Engineering / CTO

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Posted 4 years ago

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Photo of Gerald - K5SDR

Gerald - K5SDR, Employee

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Steve and I both worked that exact station setup on 15m CW a couple hours before the photo was taken of Glenn.  Craig, K9CT, was at the controls at that time we worked them.  Bagged him on the second call - Flex to Flex.  First CW DX I have worked since the '60s.  It might have hooked me to brush up on my CW.  I was practicing my CW call by voice on the way home from work:  da-di-da  di-di-di-di-dit  di-di-dit  dah-di-dit  di-dah-dit
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Ken - NM9P

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Way to go, Gerald!  
Yes, it would be nice to brush up so you can fully understand the full power of the excellent rig you and your team have created!  

It has made me a CW lover again, even though I still don't rag chew on code, it is a lot of fun DXing and Contesting with it!  

Ken - NM9P
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Simon Lewis

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Gerald I have used the Flex 6500 over the past months chasing DX and it's the dogs doodahs!   CW pileups - superb filters, RTTY .. brilliant filters again ... SSB piles ..amazing ... large sized panadapter  - sold, sold and sold again!  Monitor multiple bands, see where the DX is working, find the pattern, hole,   and time again the Flex pulls it off!

It is "THE" DX machine of choice now ...

I love CW and the Flex made me love it every time I get into the pile :)

Congrats on the F2F QSO :)

Maestro will be a killer ..... my tactical advantage might be waning once people realise ...   Best make the most now while we can :)

Thank the team for this :)

Please find some time to enjoy your brilliant work too team ;)

73 Simon ZL4PLM 
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Mark - WS7M

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Simon, with a call like ZL4PLM compared to us US guys you are the DX!
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Simon Lewis

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you know it's all relative ... I am DX to you but there's a lot of common places in the world for you that are hard rare ones for me :)

but yeah   ZL call worth +9 dB every time :)


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That's pretty good Simon! My other comment was more premised on 6,000km (which I didn't know) over water (which I did know). I wish I had a +9db handicap. ;-)