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I hope FlexRadio's designers will have a more reliable approach with the DAX drivers management.

I would like they start thinking to a standalone setup program with new releases only when required. I would like also the creation of new audio devices, like Dax RX, Dax TX, Dax I/Q, etc., would be "on demand".
Actually it is not convenient having a lot of audio devices, many of which will never be used. I am not only thinking about 6300/6400/6500 rigs that have a limited number of audio channels in respect of 6600/6700, but also about people like me, that never used DAX channels except for I/Q lines.
The approach used in VSP program should be more conservative and reliable considering that MS Windows updates are sometimes really unpredictable.

73', Enzo
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IW7DMH, Enzo

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Posted 1 year ago

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Chris de Voogd

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I have to say that I agrree with the remarks of Enzo but maybe there is a reason why it is designed the way it is.
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Bob Craig, K8RC

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The problem is not a fault with Flex radio's management or creation of Dax driver devices. These kinds of problems are occurring with Windows 10 updates across the board with audio devices and port drivers of all types & purposes. It is not unique to Dax from Flex radio.
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1803 killed the auto detect when I plugged in my headset on my Dell XPS laptop. Easiest fix was to format laptop and do clean install of Win10 1803, then install Realtek driver. 

Also a LOT of people using Virtual Audio Cable with their PowerSDR Flex radios got bit too. (VAC is NOT written by Flex)/

MS screwed up with trying to reorder the way they handle audio sub-systems in WinDoze 10 1803. Definitely an MS caused issue on this one.

Dave wo2x
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Always wondered if it would be possible for flex to design a program that could uninstall the older version completely to facilitate a fresh install after a windows update. This problem has gone on way too long in my opinion and another approach is needed. This has caused too many resources on Flex's side as well as hours and hours on the users side.

Jim, K6QE

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I've asked several times for a little program possibly called "Flex refresh" that you can run after every Windows update. Windows 10 is an undeniable disaster, and the BOHICA update process is simply going to wreck people's systems over and over again. This is in no way shape or form limited to SSDR, but many programs.

This weeks update has wrecked multiple things on my laptop after last weeks nailed a USB hub and DAX was hosed, and I get a boot up message of a problem with SBAVMonL.dll not starting because Windows apparently wiping out some Creative Technology software. 

I think there would be some psychological value to just having people know to run the program after every update to uninstall everything, then reinstall everything. 
I haven't been successful with my idea at all. 
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Michael Coslo

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the problem is not Flex Radio's. It is an inherent problem with Windows 10 updates. They break things.  I got another update last night. My radio is running okay, but the update killed some other programs. Last update it killed my USB hub and of all things - my mouse.
It is just what we have to live with as Windows users. 

I used to note that I never had a problem with updates. Turns out I was just very lucky for a while.
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Please do not misunderstand my words: I never said SSDR caused the problem.
I just suggested to keep low the number of devices, most of which are never used.
There are no doubts that a missing device can't be damaged by any freak MS Windows update.
73', iw7dmh