FlexRadio Awards 2016

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At our annual banquet at Hamvention, we handed out several awards.  Tim handed out awards to Top Elmers -- people who have gone above the call of duty to help other Flexers, on the FlexRadio Community, in person, via email and telephone.  You will immediately recognize these individuals as ever-present on the community and always ready to help others out with their questions or problems.  Please congratulate:

Ria Jairam, N2RJ
Michael Walker, VA3MW
Chris Tate, N6WM (who also serves as out Contesting Champion)

We also give out awards annually to Flexers who participate in the Alpha Team and help us test software, find problems, make suggestions and let us (occasionally) break their radio.  While many of the Alpha Team members have made significant contributions over the last year, there were three individuals that stood out in the software team's minds.  These Alpha members provided regular feedback on our work and often went to extra lengths to intuit the source of problems.  Please congratulate these Alpha team members for winning a Top Tester Award for 2016:

Joe Moffatt, AB5OR
Mike Roden, W5JR
Dave De Coons, WO2X

For a few years now David Fisher, NX6D, has helped us turn developer scribble into human-readable documentation.  David lets us know when he will be traveling and when he can work on documentation to ensure that his schedule and ours align sufficiently to give him time to get documentation completed in time for our software releases.  We thank our lucky stars that Dave has continued to help us get the word out about all of our software changes on a regular basis.  We awarded Dave an Excellence in Documention award for all of his efforts on Thursday night.  Please take the time to thank Dave when you see him!

Finally we gave out two Pinnacle Awards this year.  The Pinnacle Award goes to someone that has made a significant impact on our customers and/or FlexRadio that merits special recognition.

The first Pinnacle Award went to Marcus, DL8MRE, for his work on the SmartSDR for iOS application.  Not only has Marcus' application broadened the portfolio of clients that can access the a FLEX-6000, it has won the hearts and minds of FlexRadio customers with it's easy to use interface, battery of features and solid performance.  Marcus is modest about his application, insisting that it's really just what he would want to operate his radio, but it's clear to all on the software world that Marcus has a unique talents for software development, technology, and an empathy with users that helped him build a beautiful application, inviting to all who see it.  Marcus is not just a partner, he's a good friend to our company.  Thanks, Marcus.

The second Pinnacle Award is for Darrin, KE9NS, who has adopted PowerSDR and made it his personal creative outlet for SDR features.  Darrin has continued to add feature after feature to PowerSDR over the last two years.  He uses his personal knowledge as a FLEX operator and ham to bring features to PowerSDR that are important to not just him, but also to our FLEX-5000, FLEX-3000 and FLEX-1500 customers.  After he adds the features, he posts a video detailing the features and how to use them.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Darrin has breathed new life into PowerSDR, an application that had grown stale in the years before Darrin started his work.  FlexRadio ensured that Darrin had one of each of the FLEX-series radios, has supported Darrin as needed, and would like to congratulate Darrin on his accomplishments enhancing PowerSDR.

If you are the recipient of one of these awards and were not at Hamvention, we'll be forwarding your award as soon as we receive it in our freight shipment from Hamvention.  It will likely take a couple weeks to get the award in your hands.

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Steve - N5AC, VP Engineering / CTO

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Posted 3 years ago

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Jd Dupuy

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Outstanding! Congrats and a big thank you too all the folks who have contributed so much to our Flex Radios and the Hobby! Well deserved.
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Peter K1PGV, Elmer

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Congrats alll. Welll deserved!

Photo of Steve K9ZW

Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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Congratulations to those recognized - they have done so much for the community, FRS and amateur radio!


Steve K9ZW

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Ria - N2RJ, Elmer

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Thank you to everyone in the community for your support and encouragement. I could not have done it without you!!!

I may have DX and contest plaques on the wall, but this award is the most special of them all. It's because I get to actually help people and make their lives a bit easier.

And to everyone else - congratulations! You all earned it and I'm proud to stand beside you in furthering the success of the Flex-6000 platform.
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Gary Sheridan

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You certainly earned it, congratulations!
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Bill W2PKY

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Hermann Fernandes Pais

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Congrats to all the winners! Mike Walker in particular, for his amazing work!
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Mike va3mw

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Thanks All

The award is also an honour and very impressive.   I was very surprised.  

Mike va3mw

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Congratulations to all the award winners, all of you make this a funner hobby for me.
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Ken - NM9P

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A well-deserved congratulations to all of our award winners!
It is a tribute to the caliber of people who are helping spread the SDR spirit!

Ken - NM9P
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Chris Tate - N6WM, Elmer

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I still get continuing enjoyment helping flexers learn about the art and science of amateur radio contesting.  I am greatly appreciative for the recognition, but the real reward is working with all of you.

In the Northern California Contest Club, we have a slogan you may have heard us pass on the air... KB!

its short for Kick B***   ;-) 

The Flex 6000 platform helps us all KB!  And its my great pleasure to do whatever I can to help you get the most fun out of contesting with your 6000 series transceiver.

_*_   _***