Flex Control capabilities (now, or in the future) ?

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After playing around in the Stu Perry contest on 160m, I can appreciate the potential utility of a flex control in my future. Needing to switch the mouse focus between N1MM and SmartSDR WAS a bit of a nuisance, and did not help my rate in S & P mode...

After being 'knob-less' for several years now, I got to thinking. "What analog knob would < I > like most to have?"

1. VFO, RIT, sure ( push down big knob for RIT, push again to defeat ?)
2. Audio volume ( who was that weak one? or gosh he's loud!!...)
3. CWX keyer speed ( when CWX gets up and running )

Is this, or will this be a possibility, at some point?

(I'm not getting much indication that Tobias, DH1TW, is planning or able to implement the Hercules DJ controller in SmartSDR, like he has for PowerSDR )

73, W5XZ, Dan
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Posted 5 years ago

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The current beta release (1.0.24) supports the FlexControl with XIT and RIT...

Click on Aux1 to select RIT (LED1 lights up) - knob now controls RIT, click once to toggle between RIT and VFO, double click to reset RIT to zero.

Aux3 can be used to select the same for XIT (LED3 lights up)... same toggle and clear mode.

Double click on Aux1 or 3 to turn the appropriate function off.

There is enhanced functionality planned for the FlexControl (such as exists in PowerSDR) on the SmartSDR roadmap.

In the meantime, if you use FlexControl with DDUtil you can access all the functionality you describe now....

Another option is to use the K6TU Control iPad app which will give you a virtual front panel for the radio and allows access to all the controls.

I haven't heard from Tobias for quite a while so don't know what if anything he is planning for the DJ controller.

Stu K6TU
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I hope someone can port the MIDI interface of the DJ Controllers over to the SmartSDR API. It should be a "simple" look up table activity. But then if it were that simple I could do it myself! But I don't do much programming. The last programming I did was in GW-Basic!
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Probably not the answer you're looking for, but maybe an alternative in the volume control department? I bought a set of Logitech Z553 speakers for the flex, and one nice feature they have is a nice big volume control that sits on the desk, right next to the flex control. That gives me instant access to volume control, and they look pretty neat too.