FLEX-6300 Introduction Video

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Another excellent video production by Greg, K5GJ describing the feature of the new FLEX-6300 Signature Series SDR.

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  • like having a big box of popcorn

Posted 5 years ago

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Great video!  The 6300 really fills in a void in the 6000 series product line.  I hope it is a huge success.
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The more I read the happier I am with my decision to purchase the Flex 6300. Can't wait to receive it. My friend Ken W9IE has demonstrated the many flavors of Flex radios to our club group over the years but I do realize as a Flex newbie I have a lot of learning to do. I am interested in using the transverter port for my Rx antennas and am planning to install one of my rig savers to that port. My question: Is a rig saver necessary? I run QRO with relatively close receive antennas. Ewes and pennants.
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Hi Clay...  The Array Solutions AS-FES unit is ideal for using on the RX line input of your radio.  Its  cheap insurance...especially in the environment you are describing. I have no affiliation with AS..so any front end saver you may already have is better than none.  Get in the habit of always using one on these aux RX inputs and you wont be sorry.


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I have my heart set on  6300. I need to buy right as a second purchase too soon after the main one (I've been QRT for decades) will not go down well with the XYL, hi hi.

I have been blown away by the configurability of EVERYTHING and the quality of the FlexRadio staff and support. The manuals are no perfect, but are amongst the best written ones I have come across.

Because of the above, the FTDX3000 lost out.

I would ask that more instructional videos are produced by Flwexradio as they are MUCH better then the ones that users make.

To use an Americanism, I'm really pumped about getting my rig. I hope I said it correctly, as us British only speak proper English LOLZ.

73s de Guy G4DWV/4X1LT
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Sorry Guy, but as a Canadian and a Brit, I really believe you meant "as we British".
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Hi, hi.

Correct English goes out of the window when using Americanisms LOL. Seriously, I am from the North of England and my native vernacular weeps into my prose ;-).

I have a good friend in the USA from the CompuServe days. After he did me a favour, I asked what he wanted in return. He asked for a book on a place in London. It turns out he was born in the UK - something which I sometimes have to remind him when he gets all American on me. All done in good humour at all times, both ways, naturally.

Take care Stan,

Toodle-pip, Guy