Flex 6700 in CQ WW CW Contest

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Here is my 3830 report. The 6700 worked really well and I am starting to really believe it is a breakthough contest radio:

** In big 'packet pileups' where the operator was not working split, I would pull the panfall display way out so I could if see the DX station was using his RIT to pick off callers slightly off frequency. The ultra high resolution of the panfall made this easy and effective.

** Adjusting the AGC-T as band conditions changed to keep signal to noise at optimum levels.

** Nice sounding received CW audio kept 'ear fatigue' in check.

Now the issues:

** Badly need an 'abort' button for CWX. I was using CWX via N1MM Logger+, there were many times I wanted to stop a transmission once initiated but couldn't.

** Need the ability to control CWX speed from N1MM Logger+

** CWX would not send the portable designator "/", when I entered a call such as TF3CW/M into the N1MM Logger+ window and hit enter the call TF3CWM would be transmitted. This was a particular hassle when running JAs lots of whom have portable calls.

** On Friday night the 6700 just switched itself off. When I powered it back up it was to the blank window (no panfall). Took several restarts of SSDR to get the radio functioning and then I had to redo all the settings.

** On the positive side, I did not experience the random inability to transmit. Maybe this problem is unique to SSB and digital modes?

Call: W0LFA
Operator(s): AA7XT
Station: W0LFA
Class: SOSB(A)/10 HP
QTH: Glade Park CO
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   10:  935    37      146
Total:  935    37      146  Total Score = 483,669

Club: Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado


Went into the contest with the goal of working all 40 zones on 10 meters over
the weekend and only called CQ when there were no multipliers to chase. Missed
zones 17, 21 and 22.

I heard several zone 21 stations weakly Saturday morning with big pileups so
figured I'd swing by later and work 'em all. Well, when I came back they were
all gone! Doh! Sunday, I never heard zone 21 at all. Lesson learned - don't
assume they'll be around or louder, later.

I thought maybe there would be some VUs workable in zone 22 on 10m in the
evening if ten stayed open long enough but the band closed both nights around
0230z save for some ZLs which hung in quite a bit longer.

Ten never quite stretched to zone 17 either morning. Worked many Russians but
no "deep Russians."

Zone 23 (Chinese station) and 34 (SU0ERA) came easy. Happy to see club station
SU0ERA and the club station in Haiti active. Also happy with what feels like
growing contest activity from China, Thailand and Indonesia each year.

Sunday was a let down. Had 138 countries when i closed down Saturday night and
only worked 8 more countries on Sunday. Was hoping for a few last minute new
multipliers but they never showed. Heard lots of AU buzz on Sunday but the WWV
numbers never showed anything unusual ionosphere-wise.

Antenna was a prototype Force 12 XR6 "+40" which covers 7 bands on a
15 foot boom with two active elements on 10m. Rig was Flex 6700 which is
proving itself a fine contest radio. N1MM Logger+ worked great. Amp was a
borrowed 87A (thanks, K0UK) while my Prometheus gets a transistor upgrade.

See you in the 10m test!

Bill AA7XT
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Posted 4 years ago

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** Badly need an 'abort' button for CWX.
I hit the ESCAPE key and it works all the time...However, I do not use N1MM Logger.
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Ernest -- you are using CWX and you can abort a CW message wtih the escape key?
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It works for CWX.  
If you press the wrong "F" key,you can stop it by clicking the "Esc"  key; and continue by pressing the next "F" key to insert the message you meant to send.
I use it frequently to send my can messages and really like it.
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I tested this. If you start CWX when SSDR has focus you can abort a message by hitting ESC. I don't use CWX from within SSDR so I was ignorant about this.

However, the problem remains when operating a contest the focus is primarily with the contest logger (in my case, N1MM Logger+) and the contest logger needs a way to abort a CWX message it has sent to SSDR via CAT commands.