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Ok I ordered my 6600 on 02/10/18 (a Saturday).  So lets advance that and say that it really makes it into FRS system on Monday: 02/12  (ya ya... I know... late to the party again...)

How about a fun little bet pool on my delivery?

I am going to guess:   May 19th 2018

Lets see who can get closest!
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Mark WS7M

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Posted 2 years ago

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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Hi Mark. Bet you get it sooner than that.
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I say April 12 Delivered 
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You'll take the suggestions seriously, cancel your order, and look for a clean Kenwood TS-850S :)
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Mark - WS7M

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Actually I was thinking of a Tempo One...  :-)
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James Whiteway

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Anytime between now and Christmas. SOON!
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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Here you go.  One pool, being delivered ;-)
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Mark - WS7M

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Arrrgh... Good one Tim...  Not the kind of pool I was hoping for!  :-)
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I ordered a 6600M on the 02.02.2018, expected delivery is early April. I was hoping to use in SSBWPX from VK, oh well many years for fun ahead. 
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Robert Lonn

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Order to delivery took 6 weeks,,, Unpacked the radio,, established Internet Connection,, hooked up power, antenna, Booted it up,, luckily I read the manual several times and this group " Thank You", had a lot of pointers, like how to activate the HDMI output.. The Flex 6600M recognized that it was connected to a LG TV set, nice feature,, but my TV would not see any input on HDMI 1?  My Lenovo Laptop had the same issue, so I move the Flex to HDMI 2 and everything worked.. I think this is related to the HDMI cable, will take care of this over the weekend.. Played around with the Flex for about an hour, setting up parameters all from memory, and things were relatively intuitive at a High Level!! So here it is Thursday, and OH NO!!!! I need to go to work! :-( ,, but taking Friday off as a vacation day as a Flex Day..  I will report back later on how the radio does compared to some of my other radios in the shack,, but my first impression is it is a very QUIET receiver, looks like the noise floor is real low,, But this may not be news to many of you,,, the most quiet receiver I have ever owned and still own is a Collins R-390A.. Funny how a vintage boat anchor can be considered a standard in some way,, but that is the way it is when it comes to being a quiet receiver... But this is just one simple test, can a radio hear CLEARLY very weak signals.. But the Flex is so much more, contests, Pile Ups, ANL, NB, Filter options, modes of operation and TX flexibility...  Will need to try remote operation, that will happen this weekend.. 

Robert WA6PHN
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Bill Roberts

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I ordered a 6600 April 25 and expect delivery by the end of May.  I say this because when I called in  5/2/2018) about sending my trade-in 6300, Flex Sales said every one of the new models would be caught up in 3 weeks or less.  Gotta wait and see.
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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I would contact sales about your order as schedules can change,
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Bill Roberts

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It comes when it comes.