Flex 6500....scrolling through band, won't stop?

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scrolling on it's own through band......have to hit lock button to make it stop.....latest firmware....help please
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Steve Parker

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Posted 2 years ago

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Have you tried using a different computer to determine if this is a Flex radio running amok or a computer running amok?
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Guessing you have rebooting the PC and powered the radio on and off. If not give that a try. The next step is try another PC if you can. Then uninstall SmartSDR completely drivers and all. Reboot the PC and reinstall SmartSDR. Final step would be to factory reset the radio. Need to double check but factory reset is power off, disconnect from power supply, reconnect, hold power button until display indicates. If none of this works or before I would suggest opening a support ticket with Flex.
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This sounds like the UP or DOWN button on your MIC (or MIC Input) may have failed.  If you have the stock mic plugged in, disconnect it and see if the behavior stops.  I've seen this also where someone has plugged in a mic that shorted the UP or DOWN lines and caused it to scan in one direction.

If you clear all the mic inputs and it still scans, Open a HELPDESK ticket.

Good luck and 73,
Greg - K5GJ
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My money is on Greg's guess.
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I believe this has been reported previously and is caused by plugging the microphone Foster plug (8-pin) into the front jack 180 degrees out of rotation.  It has been reported that Heil branded Foster plugs are slightly smaller in diameter and can be plugged in incorrectly, causing the up/down action to be activated.

See this previous thread:


Greg - N8GD

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I had the same problem. Turned out to be a bad microphone. Flex shipped a replacement, now all works well. To check, just unplug the mic and see if the scanning stops. bill, K7NXT.
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Steve Parker

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going through the rear, audio gear, W2IHY iPlus box, RE-27. It started when I was messing with the record feature, rebooted pc, was fine for 45 minutes, then started again. I'll try uninstalling program next.
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To rule out the mic/audio input physically connected to the radio being the cause you can try removing all input connected to the radio and use a mic connected to the PC with the remote option. If that stops it from happening after an hour of use then most likely with the physical connection to the radio.
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Do you have a FlexControl connected?  Are you using DDUtil?  One of those two drivers might be going haywire.  Do you have a rogue macro in DDUtil causing interesting things to happen?  Do you have any other third party controller/logging  software active that may have gotten a glitch in it?

Just a few other things to check....

Ken - NM9P
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Those are great points. I can't seem to be able to replicate it now with the newer version of DDUtil.
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It has happened to me a couple of times, when you get to the edge and are wide open in low band the slice will keep moving left and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I will try to replicate and post a video. I think it has to do with the ̈buffer ̈vidual zone on the edges that triggers the movement of the whole panadapter screen. When that behavior happens at the edges of the receive window it might lock the slice moving left instead of stopping. ... Man, this is difficult to explain! LOL
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OT a tad:- when I had a similar issue a while back, I managed to tune below 0 MHz! Now that was very spooky.