Flex-6400 best way to do a Split

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What is the best way to accomplish a split? Also I have a Maestro. Need to do splits on that as well.

New to SDR... version 2.39
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Posted 1 year ago

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Flex made a fantastic book in regards all this question you are asking...

You maybe surprise and learn something.
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The manuals are quite good. I read them twice after printing them out.
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Yes, you should spend some quality time with the online manual. There are many, many features that are not necessarily intuitive. But here's the short answer:

Click on the +RX in the left hand side menu. This will open another "receiver" indicated by the appearance of another vertical line. Note that there is a 'flag' menu attached to each one.  One will be labeled 'A' and the other 'B'. The B receiver will be 1KHz above A by default. Click on either vertical line and that will become the active line that you can tune with your mouse wheel.

Note which flag has the red TX symbol (may be hard to see) That is the one where you will transmit. Click on the TX symbol in the 'B' receiver to make that the active TX. You may also want to mute the audio in that flag since both receivers will mix. There is also an 'X' in each flag that will turn it off. 

The Maestro operates in a similar fashion but there are front panel buttons that control the TX.

Enjoy the manual. It is certainly overwhelming to the beginner, but you will soon become an expert.
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Barry, welcome to Flex Complexity!! For me at 70, I still find the Complexity of the Flex Radio a driving factor in my choice of this radio,, 6600M.. I did spend many Long Nights reading up on the radio before it arrived at the QTH, but a combination of both having the radio and Manual together was a key factor!! 

However it is Not Uncommon that as a HAM, we like to figure things out without the owners manual.. After all, how complicated can it be??? After all it is just another radio, right!! 

Flex is the next generation of Ham Radio, and I learned early on that the learning curve could be 2-3 months based on how much you use your radio, but practice does make perfect...

I have not personally EVER worked any split operation being a ham for 50 plus years, that is just me,,, but if I wanted to, I would definitely need to pull out the FANTASTIC documentation and YouTube videos available on the WWW..

FUN FACTOR!! The radio can be frustrating at times,, but the more you learn, the more fun it will become!!! 

After a 6 month wait, my new LP-700 Power/SWR Scope arrived!!! Now comes another fun learning curve!!! Keeps the mind sharp!!! 

Robert   WA6PHN
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Thanks for the reply. I like the cookbook approach. But I will review the online manual.
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Simple question, simple answer.

SmartSDR: after startup, select the band and frequency so should just see Slice A open, move the mouse over top of the SPLIT (left of TX), then magic happens, SPLIT turns red, the TX in Slice A is turned off and Slice B is opened with TX, 5khz above Slice A. That's it, that simple.

Maestro: after startup, select the band and frequency so should just Slice A open, with your finger press on the letter B. The B slice will open up 5khz above Slice A, then press the TX below the B. That's it, you are set to receive on Slice A and xmit on Slice B.

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On Maestro and the "M" models all you have to do is to press TX on B VFO and it will go split in one button press.
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What cookbook are you referring to? Can you share a link please?

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I believe they are referring to the SmartSDR Software User Guide: https://www.flexradio.com/downloads/smartsdr-software-user-guide-pdf/.