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I have had my 5000 for about 9 months and I am still fascinated with it's versatility and capability.  This is the best ham equipment I have ever been lucky enough to own.  I run CW much of the time and it works fine with the delay set at 200ms, a personal preference.  It works for me with delay in the 50ms range, probably lower but not important to me.

My HP Pavilion (2008) needed some work to reduce DPC's but easy and has been very stable and I added an SSD to boot faster.  Also the computer is dedicated to the 5000 without games or other nonsense.

So, the 5000 station works great.  No issues and will be here until I can manage a 6xxx. 

No one should discount the capability of the 5000. Yes, it's legacy, PSDR is mature, but for the money on the used market it can't be beat in my opinion. 

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N5LB - Lionel

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Posted 4 years ago

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Rob N4GA

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More power to ya! I'm not going to diss the 5000, I'm using the 1500!!

I easily solved all the CW "issues" with the 1500 by simply turning off VAC and taking the audio straight from the 1500 when using CW.

All these rigs are great!

Of course time marches on and everything improves.
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Lionel, nine months is the gestation period for Flex.  Now you're ready for a 6000 series.  :)

Seriously though, I agree with you.  My 5000 served me well.  It's a great radio and still more capable than most others on the market.  The new technology is great, and if it hadn't been for the dependence on Firewire, I may have put off buying my 6300 for a bit longer.  I had my 5000 back when CW latency was an issue - since then, I have run several CW contests on it without a hitch.

I see at some point that everyone with a Flex radio will be waiting for the rest of amateur radio to catch up.
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Someday I'll move up to a 6700 (or whatever may follow), but I am using a dedicated PC with my 5000 (with the second receiver), and nothing short of a 6700 looks really atractive to me. 2 screens on the PC, PSDR on one, and FlDigi on the other. It works well for me.