Discount for Mogix 10400 Battery packs

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The owner of Mogix Accessories has extended a special discount for FlexRadio users purchasing the Mogix 10400 power bank (battery) that can be used in the Maestro.  An ordering promo or coupon code, 4MAESTRO is needed to receive the discount - just enter this in the gift
card/promotional area to redeem when ordering a Mogix 10400 battery bank from Amazon.  This promo code will be good for the next 30 days.
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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Posted 3 years ago

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WW1SS - Steve

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Oh shoot . . . Ordered mine on Friday and got them on Saturday . . . Just my luck.
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Steve - N4TTY

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I tried 4MAESTRO, but was told that I couldn't used that code for this purchase!

Steve G./N4TTY
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I entered 4maestro and got a pretty good discount.
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Dennis Terry W4SG

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I also am having trouble using either 4MAESTRO or 4maestro or 4Maestro.  Any suggestions?  I got one battery with a discount and went to order another spare but no luck.
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I just got delivery on 3 of those Mojix 10400mAh batteries. Bummer.
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Kevin Va3KGS

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Morning Mike (USA) said that they would not ship to my address here in Niagara (Canada).  I went to and the product does not exist under Mogix.  I then when to Best Buy and a few other spots and searched under Mogix with no luck.  Are they sold under a different name here?  Where did you find these here in Canada?

Cheers, and happy Dxing.

Kevin, Va3KGS

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Kevin Va3KGS

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UPdate from Mogix

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for getting in touch with us!

I am so sorry but we don't sell internationally yet due to shipping batteries have a lot more hoops to jump through but we are working on it...most likely next year.

Again, very sorry.

imogix (.com)

Did this solve your problem?

I did not respond to her.

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Bill / VA3QB

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How did you get the batteries shipped to Canada.

I got the same response as Kevin VA3KGS

Bill -  in Ontario
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You have to simply get it shipped to a US address. I live near the Niagara Falls and have a nephew living on the New York side and make a trip to pick up, claim at customs, done. There are depots like a PO box you can setup if you plan on getting regular shipments. Most of the time I get items shipped directly to Canada but on certain items like the Mojix battery, the only choice was to use a US address.
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Thank you! I just ordered one and with my Prime membership had free shipping too.
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Jay -- N0FB, Elmer

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I just ordered a couple myself.  I'll have them Wednesday with Prime. Thanks for working a deal with Amazon!   
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Ernest - W4EG

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Now you tell me!

After I ordered 2 last Thursday. 

How about giving us a heads up in advance.

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Jay -- N0FB, Elmer

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No good deed goes unpunished!
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I got 2 Polanfo 12000 power banks for $20 each., one black and one gold.
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Dwight WB9TLH

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Just ordered yesterday... 
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Thanks 4 the notice Tim. Ordered 2 and with free Amazon Prime shipping they arrived this evening. AmZing..
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Barry N1EU

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It's a $4.50 discount, $18.50 final price before any shipping charges.
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Philip KA4KOE

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Story of my life.....mine are on maintenance charge waiting for my Maestro to get here.
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This discount code 4MAESTRO is for one battery per order and I suspect per person. So if you need to reorder and want to save $4.60 wise to use another name/address. I bought and got delivered to a US address, 3 of these batteries, then the discount code was announced, emailed Mojix via the Amazon feedback button and asked nicely, and the reply I got was immediate and after checking things they did credit me for one battery later that afternoon. They didn't have to but they did, well done Mojix and thanks Flexradio for negotiating the discount code.
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I'm a day late and a dollar short again.  I bought 2 two weeks ago.
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Rick Hadley - W0FG

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I bought my 6500 two years ago, and ordered my Maestro the opening day of Hamvention 2015. In the intervening period I've added a replacement for my Butternut HF9-V, a new K4KIO Hexbeam, Yaesu 800 rotor and an 8-ft Glen Martin rooftop tower to hold them. I ordered my Mogix batteries two weeks before my Maestro was delivered. A $5 buck discount is nice, but totally irrelevant in the greater scheme of things....
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Jay / NO5J

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Money spent on Amateur Radio related purchases bothers me less than money spent, but not on
Amateur Radio related purchases.

Or, money spent on relatives.

73, Jay - NO5J