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My preferred operating strategy is to configure a particular panadapter to only show the “phone” section of whatever band I am working. For example, on 15 meters, I prefer to have the panadapter configured to show all activity from about 21.200 to 21.450 Mhz.  

Using all of the wonderful controls available in SmartSDR to manipulate the panadapter, I can and do frequently zoom out (-), zoom in (+), or pan up and down the frequency range with my mouse. However, to get back to my preferred panadapter band configuration, I have to perform a number of mouse clicks to reverse the zoom outs, zoom ins, and pans. Even with all these mouse clicks, it is difficult to get the panadapter to once again show just the “phone” section of the band in question, i.e., 21,200 to 21.450 for 15 meters.  I almost always have to mouse click on the frequency band spread at the bottom of the panadapter to expand or contract the frequencies shown to exactly reflect my preferred frequency range.

I would love to have a “DEFAULT” button that would always return me back to my preferred panadapter configuration for the band that I am currently working. Perhaps it could be located in the Band Selection Box on the left side of the panadapter. There would also have to be some way for SmartSDR to determine how I want each band’s panadapter to be configured to my preferences – perhaps a SET DEFAULT button in the Band Selection Box area.

While I am primarily interested in configuring my panadapter to show the phone portions of each band, some Hams might want to configure the panadapter to only show the CW or just the digital portions of a band as their default.

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How about panadapter profiles that are added to the current bands or as secondary selections on the current bands?

A bigger view would be profiles for the entire screen layout which sets the layout of all panadapters and slices.