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Currently the default RF Power output is set at 100 watts.  For those of who use an external RF Amplifier this can be a problem.  Naturally as we use the radio, we change the slider to the appropriate setting and save this in our profiles.   With the 6700, there are lots of Panadapter and slice combinations and each one has to be set.  Once this is done, it is ALMOST a set and forget issue.  I say almost because occasionally for some odd reason, the RF power output will revert back to 100 watts.  It is something that has to be constantly monitored.  This can literally destroy an amplifier.  The other day I had to reset the radio, reload an older version of SmartSDR and not reload my profiles so I could do some audio diagnostics.  In the process, the default RF Power output was set to 100 on every slice and every band I opened.  Twice during the past few days, I nearly hit transmit before noticing the PO was at 100.  I know all about ALC and I also know that it isn't fail safe.  I've already had to repair the PA in my amplifier once and I really don't want to have to do it again because of some dumb oversight on my part.

I'd like to propose an addition in "Radio Setup" under the "Transmit" tab that lets us set the default maximum power output.  This can be right above or below Tune Power.  I'd really like to see this default applied every time a slice is opened regardless of what PO was set the previous time the slice was opened.  In other words, I open a slice, it gets set to the default po of say 15 watts.  During this session, I decide I'm not running the amp and I bump the po up to 100w for that slice.  Later I close the slice.   The next time I open a slice, panadapter or whatever combination, it should revert back to whatever the default has been set to in "Radio Setup" - 15 watts in this case.

I sure hope others think this would be a nice addition to SmartSDR.....

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Official Response
This is a feature request that is in our database for inclusion in a future version of SmartSDR.