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  It looks like N1MM compatibility is assured, probably via the API.  It was also mentioned
that other loggers may work via CAT.  As folks find they are able to key via the many
programs available, it might be good to mention your success.  Over the next few days,
after the release, we should quickly learn what is readily configurable.  Flex can't be expected
to test all that's out there, but we can get a good idea about our own favorites pretty quickly.
I don't suggest detailing configurations, since there are going to be many combinations
of ports already in use.  But, at first, just tell the group that you've got your particular
logger or secondary program keying.  Later,  if folks are having problems that you may
have solved, then you could offer details that might help.

Ned,  K1NJ
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Ned K1NJ

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Posted 5 years ago

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Neil K2NF

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Logger32 aka L32  works great with CAT and DAX. Took about 5 minutes to set up rig control, rtty through MMTTY and 2Tone, and DVK ( digital voice keyer ) which are integrated in L32
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Jon - KF2E

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I use the DXLab Suite with no issues. I'm very satisfied.

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W5XZ - dan

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me too. DxLab Commander setup is almost effortless. slick as a whistle.

73, w5xz, dan
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Dan, did DXL's get the API? I haven't seen any mention of that.
But I do see the 6K series as a rig choice.
When did that happen?
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Ned K1NJ

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Thanks, Neil,
   I guess I should have been more clear to say that I was talking about CW keying, as in CWX,
via an external program.  We can already pass band info via CAT and audio via DAX, but
direct CW keying has been missing.  Steve has said that in the new version:
                      "CAT can also be used to send CW through CWX."

  This will be huge for workflow, especially during cw contests.  In some cases getting
this done may present some problems.  Just knowing that others have succeeded with
their loggers will prevent a deluge of questions asking if anyone has gotten "Logger X"
going.  Just knowing that "Logger X" works for someone will be a great help.  Then, if
necessary, details could be discussed among interested parties.

Ned,  K1NJ
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Hmmmm, wonder if that means MacLoggerDX's keyer will be able to talk to CWX, too? Anyone know?
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Hi George!  I was thinking on giving a Heads-Up to Don Argo, the developer of MacLoggerDX a shout once that 1.3 is available.  He sure did a wonderful job of supporting the 6000 series in this wonderful logging application.  I wouldn't be surprised if he wouldn't add it.

He would be a great developer to build out a native Mac Client for the 6000 series. He has a knack for making great software with exceptional GUI's. 
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Right you are, Jay. Don has collaborated with the terrific Stu, K6TU, on Flex interfacing, so wouldn't be surprised if more goodness is on its way from the Dog Park.