Christmas in January

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It must be Christmas. My new 6300 just arrived and I am running about like a kid. It's been a looonng time since a new radio was under the "tree".

I know it's a silly post but.............

Tnx Matt
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N5LB - Lionel B

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  • like a kid

Posted 3 years ago

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Not silly at all... I went nuts tearing out my old shack to install my Flex. It wasn't so long ago that I forgot the feeling. In fact, I think you'll experience the same excitement every time you get it on the air.

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Mack McCormick, Elmer

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Congratulations! You'll never be happy with a superheterodyne radio again. They're built on 1920's technology.

Alpha Team
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Doug Hall

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Of all the radios I have owned the Flex is the one that the "newness" has not worn off. Whatever aspect of amateur radio operating you enjoy you'll find something about the Flex that enhances it and makes it more enjoyable. Best radio I have ever owned, hands down.
Doug K4DSP
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Lawrence Gray

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Not silly at all.  It is exactly how I felt when returning to ham radio and getting a Flex-1500.  I was amazed by the performance and the technology.  The 6300 and 6500 I have owned since have provided the same reaction.  It hasn't worn off yet.  When I use an older "knob" radio at our club shack, I feel like I'm lost in the dark.

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Bob Craig, K8RC

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Welcome to the cool kids table! Have fun!
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Jim Gilliam

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I got my second one for Christmas to remote at my cabin in Big Bear. Been grinning like a the Cheshire cat since.

Jim, K6QE

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N5LB - Lionel B

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I am now at the WOW stage sorting thru the various functions and capabilities.   The rx sounds quieter than my Flex 5000 - or the audio is just better.  Amazing performance. 

Now to work on the Christmas in July list. 

tnx y'all
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Steve W6SDM

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When my first Flex arrived, I felt the same way I did when my DX60 came in the mail back in the 1960s - totally elated.  I felt that way when my second Flex arrived, and my third...
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Winston VK7WH

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I know what you mean, Steve. I had the same feeling when my first commercially made rig arrived in 1959, an Eico 6 meter transceiver, however the "new rig feeling" didn't last very long.

On the other hand I still experience the same excitement every time a new software update appears, two and a half years down the track.