Cant the Palstar HF-Auto be read band & frequency changes directly from a 6700's USB port?

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I was trying to recall if SSDR in its latest iteration is capable of sending its frequency data directly via its USB port to the Palstar HF-Auto?

I am not talking about using DDUtil and a PC, I am talking about a direct 6700 USB to the Palstar RS232.

I am also talking about the present Palstar HF-Auto NOT the older AT-Auto.

I recall a thread about this, but I can't seem to find it (if I did not imagine it).

Any thought's? Anyone with first hand experience?


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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Roy,

Why go through this extra work? The HF-Auto will read the frequency internally and self adjust. At least that is how I use it with my 6700.

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Yes, I use two of these directly connected to the Flex via USB to serial cables. You must use FTDI chipset cables. The details for connection are listed in the Flex USB Cable guide on their website. The settings shown are those I'm using successfully with my tuners.


The advantage of using frequency data is the tuner starts tuning immediately to the proper  frequency without sending any RF. It saves a step and prevents QRM.


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The HF-Auto (not AT-Auto) serial protocol is proprietary.  It is not designed to follow a radio using serial commands from a Flex 6500. 

The software you are using - W1TR's HF-Auto application - is the only way to access the HF-Auto serial commands and it needs separate radio input in the form of UDP packets.  UDP packets can come from N1MM+ or FLDIGI or DXLab Commander or others. 

But, it takes a lot of software to avoid just putting out a carrier for a second or two.

73 de K1ESE
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The HF-Auto appears to only use the serial port for firmware updates. As a result you cannot control it with your transceiver.

The AT-Auto is a different model which has CAT control.
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Ria, that is one function of the serial port. It is also used for remote operation where the tuner can be nearest the antenna and an optional controller can be in the shack. Terry, W1TR, uses THAT protocol to control the tuner with his application. The application requires UDP data to get the current frequency so that it can tune before transmitting anything.
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Even in that case if it does not accept CAT data, BCD or can be bandswitched primitively using addressable bits, there is no way to get band data from the radio without intermediate software like N1MM.

Firmware 1.10.16 on the 6000 series can only output Kenwood protocol CAT, BCD or control the lines as individual bits. There are a few other things it can control like the DEMI LDPA and DV dongle. Palstar tuners aren't directly controllable.
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Going the serial port route is one way, the most complicated probably.

A simpler solution is to just publish the UDP data (per slice) in SDRCat as I requested here

Please feel free to Upvote this. It would eliminate one piece of the middleware but would still require the W1TR app right before the tuner.
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I have an HF-Auto and a Flex 6500.  I use the W1TR HF-Auto program and the W1TR Rig Control program and it allows the HF-Auto to follow the radio's frequency.   While it doesn't remove the need for a computer it does eliminate ddutil from the equation. 
Note:  As was mentioned before the Palstar serial protocol is proprietary and was designed to work with their remote.   However, they allowed W1TR to use it for his HF-Auto program and I believe so far he is the only third party they have given it to.   
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DDUtil does supply the UDP XML frequency data to the W1TR HF Auto program, eliminating the need for W1TR Rig Control. Information on how to set it up is available on the DUTIL WiKi.

Dave wo2x