Can Audacity send a audio channel to the 6700 external speakers?

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I am using NM9P's method to adjust my microphone's 'on-air' qualities.  I have Slice A for TX set to XVTR and audio muted.  I have slice B RX at same frequency, same filter settings, set to DAX channel 1.  I have Audacity audio input set to DAX RX Channel 1 and this works nicely to record.  However I would like to hear my Audacity 'on-air' recording through my Flex 6700 external powered speakers same as when I am operating instead of the tinny PC speakers.  Is there some virtual method to do this? 
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Jerry NY2KW

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Posted 2 years ago

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Jerry, I think you would need to put in a small mixer that takes as input your Flex6700 and your PC output.  Then you would just play Audacity to your PC speaker out which would be through the mixer.
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My method which is hardly imaginative, is to listen to a remote. I transmit and listen to the return remote  audio on my headphones. I hear what the "world" hears.

Jim, K6QE

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This certainly is the best.  Ideally if you can link up with another Ham that can record you and play you back or send you mp3 of your recording over the air, it can't be beat.
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My method to do it "In House" is to set audio out of Audacity to Dax TX stream, set rig at 1 watt out, set monitor to on, near full volume on Monitor level, Vox on. Works well on my 6300 YMMV
If you want to use it in the "Outer Contact" region, simply crank the power up to whatever you need, and let'er rip.
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This works. I use the XVTR port. 
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Interesting question, Jerry.  I haven't had that come up because my Bose speakers have dual inputs, so I have them connected to both the rig and computer at the same time.

Other options to hear your signal as it is "on the air."

1) Use the rig's internal recorder and play it back.

2) Use the recorder from Slice B while transmitting on Slice A  Full Duplex, then play it back.  It sounds almost the same, but is limited by the receive filters on slice B, as though you were listening to an on the air signal.

3) Use the technique others have mentioned of outputting Audacity to DAX TX Audio and usint that as the source as though you would any other audio source via DAX TX.  Transmit into your XVTR port and listen on RXB Full Duplex on your rig's speakers.  You might need to use VOX for ptt.  I haven't tried this in a long time, but it should work.

Good luck.

Ken - NM9P