Can anyone suggest a "quiet" solid state power supply what doesn't have any rf hash for use with a flex 6500 portable?

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Looking for a quiet ss power supply thats not a noise generator.  These flex radios are showing me all the noise I have had but no longer able to ignore.  Somethings seen can not be unseen  Btw I am looking for a solid state instead of a linear power supply for portability.  I know one can't beat a linear ps for quietness

Thanks Lawrence
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  • happy...Love my two flexes

Posted 3 years ago

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By their very design all switching power supplies generate RF noise. Some of the better ones allow you to tune the switching frequency so that the noise is outside the ham bands.

I can't recommend specific models as I long ago changed out all my switching supplies for linear ones
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I am having good luck with the Alinco Dm330. So far I have not been able to detect any hash or PS generated carriers except for way below the AM Broadcast band.

As I begin applying Howard's techniques for quieting the station even further, and the power company continues its work, I am considering moving to an AGM battery and supply isolator. Detected noise will help make that final determination.
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+1 on the Alinco.

I used to use an Astron SS-35, but it started generating noise, so I shelved it.

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a battery is a great choice for that scenario (when portable)
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Flex radio sells the Astron ss-25 so they should be able to comment on it. I have been told that it runs quiet only switching the fan on when needed. RF wise it is supposed to be "clean".
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Pretty good results with the Astron supplies. I did sand off the paint at metal to metal points to make them better shielded. Same at grounding lugs inside.

PS - I did ultimately go linear, but more as a response to my neurotic obsession with every last dB of noise. The Astron 35A Switcher was just fine.

I blame Howard for my toroid and grounding therapy. <g>
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If you do as George describes and re-tighten all the screws inside the chassis every few years, the Astron SS supplies are fairly quiet.   However, I do only use linear supplies in my shack.
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I'm using a 32amp Alinco. It appears to be very quiet, rf and sound. It has a handy 13.8 volt . So far I've not seen a birdie that I can blame on the PS.
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I bought an MFJ-4230MVP 30A switching for the FLEX 6300 a year ago. It is NOT made by MFJ but they relabel and carry it. Liked it so much I bought 2 more for other rigs. -Dave
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I heartily recommend the Alinco DM-330 series. I have, with the oldest being over 10 years old. No RF hash detectable.
73, Ray, K9DUR
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I also recommend the Alinco DM-330, my particular one here is the DM-330FX, It has a noise offset adjustment just in case but I have not had to use it. 
Bret, WX7Y
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I have 3 samlex 1223's running in my shack very quiet
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I want to also strongly recommend the Alinco DM-330MV.  I have used them for years and they have become my first choice for home and away.
Barry - W4TGA
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Thanks all.  i will look at the Alinco.  
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Use Astron SS-50 for each rig. Always have placed RF choke on power lead just as the cables leave the power supply. Powerful and lightweight. use it for equipment making sensitive noise measurements.
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Also use a DM-330-MV which created significant noise at 80M and below, however

Open it up and do as George suggested.  Grounding the chassis (small external binding screw) made a significant difference.  Also use it to charge/maintain a battery that runs the 6700.

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Looks like a lot of us have batteries running our rigs. With something like a PWRGate in line, it's nice peace of mind when running remote and does help with noise.
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I also highly recommend the Alinco DM330MV.  It has a knob to "tune out" any birdies, but I've watched the waterfall and panadapter, and don't see any birdies at all while cranking that knob.  I *DO* have some regular birdies that come from my CABLE INTERNET CONNECTION.