Busting the VP6D pileup with a Flex 6600

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What fun weaving through the VP6D pileup on 40 CW this morning!  

Used a Flex 6600M + Elecraft KPA 500 @ 200 watts + End Fed EFHW-8010-HP antenna @ 30ft bending around oak and palm trees on an HOA lot.  Was able to work him in 15 - 20 minutes.  I'm sure luck played a part - but even so I find the 6600 helps you make the most of what you have.

Software used: 
  • SliceMaster - to auto launch and manage CW Skimmer
  • CW Skimmer - to listen to the Flex and gather only spots I can hear.
  • DDUtil - to auto set the power from the 6600 to the KPA-500 depending on band. 
  • Flex DAX to send the audio from the Flex to CW Skimmer over the LAN
  • Flex CAT for rig control over the LAN for SmartSDR, CW Skimmer, SliceMaster.
  • Flex SmartSDR for Windows - Split mode automatically sets one slice for Rx, one for Tx + spot display feature + point and click tuning.  Used narrow Rx filters to reduce listening fatigue on the DX freq.  Used different filter widths to hear or mute stations on the Tx slice.
When running split on the Flex it is very clear which is the Tx and which is the Rx frequency so you don't accidentally Tx on top of the DX (like the poor guys in the panadapter screenshot were doing...by mistake for sure, but....). 

The Flex CWX feature makes it easy to send CW macros with one hand, while using the other hand to click the mouse on the panadapter to quickly QSY to the desired transmit frequency using the strategy of your choice.  

I find that during contests I prefer to use the 6600M knobs, but for DXing as in this case I favor SmartSDR for Windows.  It's nice having that choice.

Bottom line is who needs sunspots when you have a Flex? This is a great radio for chasing DX.  Thanks Flex!

John - AF3K

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