6300 arrives, works DX and WSPRs sweet nothings

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My 6300 arrived yesterday morning and I was lucky to be off work to tinker with it. Set-up was straight forward in part due to the YouTube vids and online manuals I'd read previously.

My previous rig was a K3 without panadapter or sub-rx. Outfitting it with those options and the requisite filters for the sub would cost $2k - that's how I decided on a one-box solution, the 6300. After last night's DX session on CW, the K3 is now my back-up rig. 15m was open and it was amazing to be able to see where the pile-ups were at with such clarity. No more spinning the VFO and listening for the responding station.

In short order, A7, SU and 7X were added to the log on 15m along with 3B8 on 30 meters. All CW with QSK. And as another new owner mentioned, the autotuner is quiet - glad I ordered that option.

Later I decided to play with the DAX functionality and set the 6300 up for WSPR on 20m. DAX was easy - getting the PTT using CAT took a bit more investigative work. Who woulda thought that PTT is not the option to choose in WSPR software to allow the rig to be keyed (DTR is)?

Lots of fun and seems like a great radio to explore.
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Posted 3 years ago

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My 6300 arrived yesterday as well.   Still getting to know all the options but managed CW, JT65, and PSK contacts after setup.

Like you I wanted single box solution.  Prior I had a Flex1500, tuner, amp.  Now I have everything in the 6300.

Enjoy yours John!

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In all honesty, all you would have needed was the P3 and a 400 Hz filter for cw and perhaps a 2.1 for SSB. I have had my K3 for 5 years and never found the need for a Sub Receiver. All I was interested in was seeing where the people were. Total cost for the upgrade would have been about 1100.00.

I am glad you are happy with your purchase. Good luck. Mark Griffin, KB3Z
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To make the K3 the near-equivalent of what I have now would have taken the Panadapter ($760), the SVGA display card ($280), sub-rx ($680), 400Hz filter for sub ($180). Total - $1900.

This is in addition to the price of my K3 with options as it is now. The 6300 seems a very cost-effective alternative to a K3 when both performance and versatility are considered.
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The 6300 two slice feature is great for watching for band openings on other bands, among other things.  I use it to monitor 10M and 6M when I'm on 20 or 17