1.6, Win10, 6500 - all good!

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Thanks for the advance documentation, FRS. Loaded SSDR 1.6 on an up-to-date Windows 10 VM with no issues. Extremely smooth - everything just works. Have some exploring to do with the new features. Yay!!
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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Posted 4 years ago

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John - AF3K

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George - I had the same smooth experience upgrading SmartSDR + 6500 on Windows 10. No problems with the upgrade / install. Now on to playing with the new features!
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John - W8AGS

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George- I loaded Ver. 1.6 on two laptops with no problems. Very smooth. All my profiles and memories were saved. All third party applications run perfectly. All cat ports are fine. Running a 6500 with both laptops running Windows 7. Nice work FRS and thank you Tim for the advanced documentation.

John - W8AGS
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Andy F5VAI

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Thanks to all at Flex.  All updated to 1.6 on my 6300 without a problem.  As you say George extremely smooth.  I am using Win 10, N4PY Pegasus Plus with WoodBox Tmate 2, FRstack, LOG4OM, SDR Bridge with CW Skimmer and N1MM+     
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David Warnberg

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I as well had a very easy install of 1.6 for my 6500 on Windows 10... came across some interesting new features but I'm still looking for some docs on it so I can clarify how it's supposed to work.

two thumbs up FLEX

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Terry K8EET

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Same here, no problems loading 1.6 on 6500. Great instructions Tim. Seems like a lot of the problems that are appearing here are the result of not reading the install instructions or not reading the manual. That's seems to be our nature...Let's see how well this works without reading anything. I haven't bought a car yet where I didn't have to read the manual to set the clock.
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Gary L. Robinson

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I had a minor problem with my install. After the firmware update bar went completely to the end it just stayed there and the 6300 power light just kept on blinking. After 10 minutes I finally held in on the power button and turned the 6300 off. Then I restarted the 6300 normally but it would just set there blinking. So ... I turned it off and did a factory reset and now it turns on and boots properly. Imported my saved setting profiles and all is running fine now with no glitches to report. Having lots of fun checking out some of the fixes and new features :-)

---Gary WB8ROL
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Terry K8EET

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Your 6300 was supposed to be turned off while you loaded the software.
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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Gary - occasionally the radio will not automatically reboot after multiple processor upgrades.  This is what happened and power cycling the radio is the recommended step to take to resolve it.
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Lawrence Gray

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Loaded the update on my 6500, Win7 Enterprise core i5 laptop this am.  As usual for me, no issues at all updating.  All looks good, but I need to spend sometime with the new features.  Thanks, FlexRadio and the beta testers.

--Larry, KC1DAD
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Other than the new S-meter CAT protocol 1.6 is working perfectly with my 6500 on Win 10 install took only 5 mins.
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Phillip Beistel

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George, as others here have stated, I too had a really smooth install of 1.6.17 on my three computers 1 desktop and 2 laptops. I found that everything in the profiles was maintained and the look and feel seems a bit smoother and cleaner.  I'm itching to try out the new cat and dax capabilities for some digital modes.
Congrats to the engineering and testing teams at FRS; another triumph!

Phill WB3DHF.