1.10.8, 6700, SSDR, Maestro, LDPA, and Steppir all working in less than 20 minutes.

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Downloaded the install package, and it loaded into the PC and 6700 by just running the installer.  The computer rebooted once.  After I got the USB cables configured and tested, tried out the LDPA as it is using the remote option, and it works.  Removed the serial cable for the Steppir from my computer, shut down DDUTIL, plugged it into the USB to serial cable (11 bucks from Amazon) [Ugreen USB 2.0 to RS232 DB9 Serial Cable Male A Converter Adapter with FTDI Chipset]  and the Steppir follows the radio/SSDR combo.

Upgraded the Maestro, and after a couple of minutes, had it back up and running, and it works with the LDAP and Steppir also.

Bravo, for me a seamless upgrade process.
Pat, W0BM
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Posted 3 years ago

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I could use a little help. I got 1.10.8 install and working with my 6500.

I have a SteppIR Vertical with the old control box. I also have USB to DB9M adapter that I bought from FLEX.

Do I plug the adapter into the DATA IN or DATA out of the Stepir box?

Do I need to swap pins 2+3?

What do I set the STEPir box controller for KENWOOD, ICOM, STEPIR or?

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Pat Cahill

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I didn't answer the pin 2-3 swap question, but yes, you need to do that also. see http://www.flexradio.com/downloads/usb-cable-interface-guide-pdf/ Here is the relevant page:


The USB Cable feature can provide frequency information to the Steppir SDA 100 controller. When the SDA 100 is configured in AUTOTRACK mode, antenna tuning will be re-optimized every 50 kHz and will follow the radio to any frequency within the range of the antenna. For more information about the AUTOTRACK mode of the SDA 100, please refer to the SDA 100 manual at www.steppir.com.

Note that only frequency tracking capabilities are provided with this feature. Non-CAT SteppIR commands are not supported at this time. The S12 cable can be obtained from SteppIR. Alternatively, a custom-made cable that shorts pins 7 and 9 together on the SDA100 side and crosses pins 2 and 3 will also work.

Required Cables:

● FTDI USB to Serial Cable

● SteppIR S12 Cable

Device Setup:

● Set the SDA 100 to 9600 Baud.

● Set the Transceiver Mode on the SDA 100 to Kenwood.

● Plug the FTDI USB to Serial cable into a USB port on the FLEX-6000 radio.

● Plug one end of the SteppIR S12 cable into the 9-pin end of the USB to Serial cable and plug the other end of the S12 cable into the DATA IN port of the SDA 100.

SmartSDR Setup:

● Ensure that SmartSDR has set the baud rate of the cable to 9600. This is the default.

● Go to the USB Cables window in SmartSDR. The USB Cable should be recognized and appear on the list.

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Hi Kent,
I have an SDA 100, but I think it's close to the same.
I use the Kenwood mode.
For the SDA-100
I am using the Data In connector
in the Transceiver Setup  :
Din = 19200 Dout=19200 mode =KENW
I'm also using Steppir serial cable between the Data In port and the USB to serial cable.  I *think* its an S18 but the markings have worn off, and I can't find the order.
At the end going to the Serial to USB connector, pin 7 and 9 are shorted/jumpered.(I just took the hood off and looked).  the other end is harder to get at, but I if I recall correctly, there are no jumpers.

hope that helps,