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What can be causing my smart link to a Flex 6600 to be freezing up?

I have been having a recurring lockup of the link between the SmartSDR for Mac and a friend's Flex 6600 (he's been kind enough to let me use his remotely until mine is made and delivered).

I thought it was just internet problem or wifi problem until i started timing it. 5 minutes every time. And I'm using ft8 primarily.

Is there a timer to never the connection or a timer if not recognizing the link?

I'm at a loss.


  • f.r.harris
    f.r.harris Member
    [{"insert":"Net gear router is the culprit. Junk it. \nI updated to Eero mesh router and problem solved. \n\nRon\nKN4AND\n"}]
  • Pat_W5WTH
    Pat_W5WTH Keep Radio Fun!!! Member ✭✭

    My opinion...... you have RF getting into the LAN cable. See if the problems goes away at low power. I had to “choke” the LAN cable in a few spots.

  • Mark_WS7M
    Mark_WS7M Member ✭✭✭

    In my opinion:

    1) Hardware, no WiFi as far as you can possibly go

    2) Sniff out and solve RFI problems on the LAN. Use shielded cables, cores, etc.

    3) High quaility (EXPENSIVE) WiFi access points if you have to go WiFi. Mesh is great but it is NOT GONG TO BE IDEAL for the amount of data the SmartSDR passes. Buy multiple hardwired access points. Don't rely on mesh.

    Make sure your local WiFi and LAN are working perfectly before you expect smartlink to work well.

    Then look at your internet provider.

  • John KB4DU
    John KB4DU Member ✭✭✭

    If the radio is remote to you, the potential for RFI is most likely at the remote end, so the RFI hunt should probably start at that end.

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