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Flex Training Videos

Bob  KN4HH
Bob KN4HH BobMember ✭✭
edited February 25 in SmartSDR for Windows

Mike, I could not find a way to directly reply to your request. I know you did a intro video to Node Red. However, so many applications have matured especially with Flex products and FRStack, I think it would be great to show some of the capability from a practical application point of view with possible follow on tutorials on designing flows for amateur radio.

Thanks for considering.

Bob, KN4HH


  • VE7ATJ_Don
    VE7ATJ_Don Member ✭✭

    I also couldn't see how to leave a comment/suggestion on your other request.

    From my perspective, I'm a newbie to attaching/using 3rd party apps like N1MM and CWSkimmer with the Flex. I would love a video (even a short one) showing how to actually connect these apps to a Flex and using them.

  • W5WTH
    W5WTH Keep Radio Fun!!! Member ✭✭

    Basic use of REST API commands.

  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭


    I would like to see you demonstrate examples of using the Flex and third party apps into work flows, such as Contesting, CW, Satellites, etc.

    There are already lots of online videos on the "nuts and bolts" to integrate various apps......but not so much on actually using the integrations into an efficient operator "work flow".


  • bahillen
    bahillen Member ✭✭

    Mike Walker

    I have reviewed the videos you identified. I have two suggestions. 

    The first is a training video on the operation of the Meffa system on the PGXL. Not at a surface level but at some depth, operator oriented. I feel like I am experimenting when operating. I use wire antennas and VSWR in not a lab 50 ohm load. In a past the Gerald participated in he mentioned going to 65 watts of drive with Meffa to get back power. The load impedance on the PGXL affects the behavior of Meffa. What are the areas of operation that need to be watched for the safety of the amplifier. How should we adjust pushing the amplifier when operating FT8 on a prolonged operation. I watch the temperature on the utility. I get a 12-15 degree drop in temperature with Meffa. 

    If the PGXL gets driven with 100 watts and the wrong antenna, will it fry the LDMOS finals?

    I don’t know how Meffa works and an explanation may help for many to understand. I do understand the changing of changing bias points but what is it sending and what is it changing. 

    The PGXL has been a tank but we need more information to protect it from dangerous areas areas or conditions. An example is when operating with Meffa and band switching the amp keys up with a instantaneous high drive maybe from the wrong antenna and get a High VSWR then rekeying vswr is back to 1.5. 

    I know this has been somewhat rambling but it may give you some ideas. 

    The videos categorized in a library would be helpful and may exist somewhere. Maybe a table in support with the specific web address.

    I could not find a way to send this to you from the posting you made.

    Bob starting this thread allowed me to post this. The [email protected] address was not included and I didn’t remember it from a past video.


    Bill W9JJB 

  • Mark Aaker K6UFO
    Mark Aaker K6UFO Member ✭✭

    Mike, I have previously watched several of your videos, especially on remote operation. Thanks!

    Since I can't get any attention through the regular channels, I'll ask you about my 2 biggest problems:

    How to operate SmartLink remote and have the CW 

    sidetone of the contest logging program returned to 

    the remote operator so they know what is happening.

    Why FlexRadio fails to improve the audio delay (latency) 

    of SmartSDR and DAX so that my operation isnt 

    always 400 msec behind the other station.

    Sorry, I know these are not appropriate for your training videos, but I am tired of waiting for FlexRadio  

    to deal with these software problems. Any chance to get these "complaints" into the Flex development process 

    is appreciated.

    Mark K6UFO

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