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Flex 6500, Maestro, Control Knob for Sale

I am the original owner. When I bought everything, I thought I would be able to put up a good transmitting antenna. That did not happen. I have now moved to a retirement community where NO antennas are possible. Reluctantly, I must sell this along with my other radios.

I have no idea what to ask. I no that is messy, but....

Gordon, KA2NLM


  • Lou KI5FTYLou KI5FTY Member ✭✭

    @Gordon / KA2NLM I am interested - I just sent you a direct message on community site

  • kc4ssdkc4ssd Member
    Which model Maestro is it? A or B? Will you sell the Maestro separately?
    Tim KC4SSD
  • Gordon / KA2NLMGordon / KA2NLM Member ✭✭
    It is probably an 'A'. I won't be able to unbox the unit for a couple of days. I will sell it separately, if I have to, but would prefer to sell as a package, as you might assume.
  • kc4ssdkc4ssd Member
    I appreciate that but I want to buy a "B" unit. If it happens to be the later model I will buy it? I wont haggle with you and be easy. Let me know if you can research when you bought it and see if it is a or b. I understand the A Model was quirky with charging the internal battery. I do want one super clean too?? Thank you! Call me if you like 239-253-4164
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