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Can a normal user edit the message type of topic after posting?

Sorry I'm just playing with the new FlexRadio community and since I have tendency of messing things up like posts I wanted to know what get out of jail free methods there are.

Is there a way for a normal user to change their own posts between the different topic types, e.g. from Discussion to Q and A etc... after it has been posted. I see that you can edit the content but I don't see option to change topic type ?



Best Answer


  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

    @Ray G6UJB Yes, you can. All users have the ability to edit their posts for 1 hour after posting it to make changes.

    Just view your post and click on the three periods (...) in the top right hand corner of your post and select Edit.

    You can edit the discussion title and the body of the post. Just click SAVE at the bottom when done.

  • Ray G6UJB
    Ray G6UJB Member ✭✭

    @Tim - W4TME Thanks, yes I can see how you can edit the content of the actual post and title but is there a way of changing it from a "Discussion" type to a "Question and Answer" type other than reposting and selecting the "Question and Answer" option from the little drop down arrow on the blue button ?

  • Ray G6UJB
    Ray G6UJB Member ✭✭

    @Tim - W4TME Thanks for confirming the situation. Many thanks for putting up with my naïve questions.