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SO2R w/ 6600M + Maestro

Ty K3MM Member ✭✭
I have a Maestro as well as the 6600M. I was wondering if I can use the 2 Maestro heads, 1 for A slice and 1 for B slice and still retain all the SO2R functions...Basically just want to move the B slice to the separate Maestro so it's even more like 2 radios with a full display for each


  • Ken Wells
    Ken Wells Community Manager admin

    It is already possible to simultaneously control up to 2 panadapters and 2 slices on the Front Panel and up to 2 Panadapters and 2 slices on the Maestro (with the 6600M, 6500, and 6700 radios) using the Multi-Flex feature in V.3.1.X software. (Currently V.3.1.12)

    What is a bit more difficult is how configuring SO2R using one pan/slice on each device would be implemented. It might be difficult since your computer running logging software would only be able to run a single instance of CAT, which would only link to one of the two "Stations" (Client devices)

    Perhaps someone in the contest community could weigh in on this?

    Has anyone figured out how to run two instances of CAT on a single computer???

  • Rick N4RZ
    Rick N4RZ Member ✭✭

    Maybe I'm missing something but it is still only one radio so why would two versions of SmartCAT be required? You should be able to set up a different CAT pair for each instance of the contest logging program. If not, people trying to use a 6600 or 6700 and a PGXL amp are going to have issues.

  • Craig K9CT
    Craig K9CT Member ✭✭

    Hello Tyler

    I thought your question was intriguing and sat down to test this out. I have a 6600 with two Maestros running version 3 software...ie multiFlex.

    I run SO2R all the time with one keyboard, computer and Maestro. Headphones, microphone, and paddle are plugged into the 6600. I use N1MM Plus with OTRSP

    CAT is connected to the 6600 on one computer. I connected both Maestros to the 6600 using multiFlex. The first Maestro comes up Slice A and CAT connects properly. The second Maestro comes up Slice A but CAT is looking for Slice B. So I add Slice B on the Maestro and then drop Slice A. I can hear Slice B in the headphone. CAT does not see Slice B on the second Maestro.

    So I examined how this works. The A Maestro is name Left and the B Maestro is named Right.. CAT is connected to the Radio but the Station shows either Left or Right as a choice. I can switch to the Right Station and the B Slice is now connected.

    So I think this setup would work if the software for CAT would allow connection to both Clients for switching with OTRSP. This would require a change in the software.

    So that doesn't work in its present form. I would like to ask why you would like this? I don't know your call or how experienced of a contester you are. I an not judging your question but just need to understand your incentive to have this "feature". I would be as interested as you if this would add QSOs to my log.

    73, Craig K9CT

  • Craig K9CT
    Craig K9CT Member ✭✭


    I just checked your profile and then searched K3MM in 3830. I see you are a fairly active and seasoned contester. I would like to hear your thoughts on have the two clients and how that would improve your scores. Are you thinking about dual CQ? You can do that with one Maestro. Maybe you want two logging computers/keyboards? You can do that with multiFlex now but you would be a M/1 in setup.

    I will await your response.

    73, Craig K9CT

  • Ty K3MM
    Ty K3MM Member ✭✭
    Hi Craig. No important reason to do it. As a new Flex user, I just thought it would be cool to have 2 larger displays and large tuning knobs....more like 2 separate radios. Then you could maybe use the smaller one for RIT for that slice. Up until recently, I was still using 2 of everything and FT1000mp's! Give me a couple more months and I'll probably decide I dont really need a front panel either, but it's nice to have for local operation.

    Are you using a single computer for Digital mode SO2R as well? I'm sensing my old Core2Duo machine isnt up to the task. It seems to have some delay on the Voice keyer recording for phone and is slow to load all the windows and such for RTTY.

    I've just done NAQP CW and phone with this radio so far. I am having some trouble with band changes while transmitting on the other slice (I've got a ticket in on it). Using N1MM the only way it's successful is if I type in the QSY frequency. If I try to use the mouse on the S&P entry window band selection or Ctrl-PgUp/Dwn or the Flex touch screen, it stops transmitting to switch sides and wont put out any power on either side until I do a Ctrl-Left and Right to reset things. I am currently using 2 keyboards but one computer.

    73, Ty K3MM

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