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Early feedback

Some initial feedback - I needed to take my Mac out of Dark mode. There isn't enough contrast between text and background on many of the menus of SSDR in dark mode. No biggie.

I use a transverter for 2 meters. The transverter needs a choice between Simplex, minus, or plus, and tones. It is receiving FB Is this going to be implemented? I didn't see it in the manual.


  • K4QXX
    K4QXX Member ✭✭
    edited August 2020
    I am having trouble "clicking" in the pandapter area and the Flag on top of the slice receiver. Sometimes when I click on the flag to change antennas or DSP settings, nothing happens. Other times, it works fine. I opened up a 2nd slice receiver and then I couldn't get rid of it by clicking on the X. I moved the slice around the panadater some and was finally able to close it. Same thing in the Panadapter area. I can click on a signal and the slice doesn't move. When this happens, I have to drag the slice to the signal. Other times, clicking on the signal moves the receiver just fine. I did update the version this morning.
  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭

    There was an update pushed out today that addresses several issues with the first release.

    Dark mode appears fixed in most spots. Entering values in the transporter field does seem "blind" in dark mode - but they do go in.

    The "X" for closing a slice seems to work reliably, now.

    Suspect the FM/Repeater features will come later. Keep sending Marcus feedback via his website http://roskosch.de/smartsdr-for-mac/ - he is very responsive and thoroughly a pleasure to work with.

  • K4QXX
    K4QXX Member ✭✭
    Thanks George. I did download the new version this morning but still have the issues. It appears the software doesn't like my 5k screen unless the window is less than about 50% of the screen, or I have to open the software in low res mode or it crashes after 5-20 minutes. I am still having issues clicking on the flag and the panadapter but the radio controls panel works fine.

    I installed on a 13" MacBook Pro and it works great. I also have a 15" MacBook Pro that I will install it on.

    My issues seem to be with the iMac with the 5K screen.
  • andrewket
    andrewket Member
    edited August 2020
    Is anyone else having problems with right-click operations? For example, adjusting TNF's. Right-click outside of SmartSDR works; it's not the mouse! :) Also, I can't seem to get a headset plugged directly into a 6600 working. I have Mic selected (instead of Mac), and even got a warning that I had to click 'don't show again', but I'm getting zero modulation.
  • K4QXX
    K4QXX Member ✭✭
    I have not gotten right-click operations to work either. Also, sometimes I can't get mouse operations to work on the slice flag or to jump to a different frequency on the pan adapter. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but I haven't gotten the right-click to work yet.
  • Michael N3LI
    Michael N3LI Member ✭✭

    I've had the right click problem with TNF's as well.

  • Gene Duprey
    Gene Duprey Member ✭✭

    K4QXX, have you tried this software on your Mac with external display? Does it still crash? Just wondering since I am thinking of getting SmartSDR for Mac and using my Macbook with an external display, not a Mac display though.

    Gene, K1GD

  • K4QXX
    K4QXX Member ✭✭
    No, I have not used with an external display. I have two MacBook Pro laptops but I have never used an external monitor with them. The only large monitor I have is the 27" 5k on the iMac.
  • K4QXX
    K4QXX Member ✭✭
    I just noticed that I can right click in the waterfall area but not the pan adapter area. For instance, if I right click in the waterfall I have options to zoom in, zoom out, create TNF and create slice. If I click in the panadapter area, nothing happens.