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Help!!! Flex 6400+ATU

Today everything worked fine. Turned off the radio. In the evening i decided to turn it on and after the green light flashes, the red light began to flash three times. I tried to download without a network cable and the red lamp flashes again three times. Turned off the power, pulled out the cord, waited 15 seconds and turned it on again. Nothing helps. The reset to the factory settings also ends with a flashing red lamp.
What could happen and how to correct the situation?


  • Dudley  WA5QPZDudley WA5QPZ Member ✭✭
    edited March 21

    In the HW Reference doc - https://www.flexradio.com/downloads/flex-6400-and-flex-6600-hardware-reference-manual-pdf/?wpdmdl=31...

    Page 18-

    "Error Conditions
    Certain hardware and software error conditions cause the radio to stop operating and display an error code by flashing the Power button light as follows:
    • One red flash: Fan malfunction
    • Two red flashes: Software crash
    • Three red flashes: Boot failure
    • Four red flashes: Input power over voltage
    • Five red flashes: CPU overcurrent
    • Six red flashes: Input power under voltage
    In the case of a software crash, the error code repeats for about 15 seconds, then the radio will reboot. In the other cases, the error code repeats until the Power button is pressed, then the radio shuts down. An additional press of the Power button is needed to restart the radio. "

    This indicates a firmware boot failure,  you need to either get hold of the dealer you purchased from or  enter a Help Desk ticket to    helpdesk.flexradio.com    

    Hope this helps.

  • Joe N3HEEJoe N3HEE Member ✭✭
    edited February 2019
    There have been many recent reports of this issue.  How is the radio connected to your network or computer ?  Keep trying to start the radio, it may start 1 out of 5 or more tries, if you can get it to boot set a static IP address.  Also open a support ticket. 
  • Igor  RybinIgor Rybin Member
    edited October 2018

    Flex is connected to a router in which a static IP is registered which is set by default in FlexRadio. Previously, when the green lamp blinked on and within a minute, the flex clicked on the relay, but now it is silent and only after the green lamp flashes after a minute the red lamp flashes three times. Is there any way to do a full reset? Reset to factory settings with a white lamp is not performed and the red lamp starts to flash again.

  • Igor  RybinIgor Rybin Member
    edited October 2018

    I noticed that when the power source was turned on, it used to be about 2 A, now it is less than 1 A and does not change during the boot process, and the relay clicks inside the case are not audible. Maybe some fuse burned out? Could you check on your smartradio. What current shows the power supply at the first moment of loading before the first click of the relay? There is also no network connection with the router. Smart is just not visible on the net. There is a connection over the LAN and there is even some kind of exchange, but the IP is not registered in the router or in the computer with a direct connection.
  • Johan _ SE3XJohan _ SE3X Member ✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Not sure if it's still correct? But enclose a clip from old comment by Tim to use DHCP. I have had my Flex radios on DHCP since I got them in January. Never had a problem.
  • Igor  RybinIgor Rybin Member
    edited October 2018
    I put it wrong, sorry. In the settings of the router is DHCP and reserved MAC and IP which in Flex 6400 is the default.
    With these settings, everything worked for a week without problems and SmartLink too.
    Apparently, simply for some reason, the loader has flown down and now an error is issued. I created Tickets via the HelpDesk portal and am waiting for help.
  • Johan _ SE3XJohan _ SE3X Member ✭✭
    edited October 2018
    Good Luck Igor!

    hope they can help you sort it out quickly.

  • Igor  RybinIgor Rybin Member
    edited October 2018
    TNX, 73!

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