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Hi CPU Usage at 1.10.8 ?

James Del PrincipeJames Del Principe Member ✭✭

Upgraded my 6500 from 1.6.x to 1.10.8. Now the operation using SSDR and Logger 32 is very Slooow. I checked CPU usage and memory usage using 'Resource Monitor'. without apps running ( only CAT and DAX) CPU usage is around 50%. (seems high?) but with SSDR running, the CPU usage is around 90 to 100 %. The Flex still operates fine at this point but when I boot up Logger 32, obviously things really slow down. I have only 3 gigs of memory in this PC but 'resource monitor' says physical memory usage is only about 40 to 45% with everything running.

The computer is an old industrial PC with dual 3.2 GHZ Xeon processors. That would seem adequate to me. Memory is 3 gig as stated. On-board network is 1 GHZ capable. Other hardware is the same as before; same network switch.

The OS is Win 7 pro.

Everything seemed to work fine at V 1.6.x, so my question is: "Does V 1.10.8 require much more processing speed?"   73, Jim

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  • James Del PrincipeJames Del Principe Member ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    No opinions or comments?    I'm sure many of you with lots more experience than I have had some thoughts about this.  or should I back away from the computer and fire up my DX100?   HI HI     Jim
  • WaltWalt Member ✭✭
    edited July 2017
    I run a I7-4770 K at 3.5 ghz which gives me a 10,118 cpu rating on the Passmark Benchmark. 

    I use about 3 percent CPU for 1.10.8 and other versions in the past.  I have not seen any noticeable change in CPU loads as the versions have changed - that number is total with DAX and SmartCAT running also,  I have 16 gb memory.

    You might compare your processor rating on the Passmark internet site and see how it rates with the other CPU's and that might help quantify the numbers you are seeing.  Sorry that I have no other computer to compare with.

    But for your base question, I have not seen any additional CPU load with the change to the current software version.  If there has been any, it was too small for me to see.

    Oh - that is with a single panadapter using about 30 percent of my second 27 inch video screen, if that helps.

    Good luck with your quest.

  • James Del PrincipeJames Del Principe Member ✭✭
    edited July 2019
    Thank you, Walt. That gives me a good baseline and a path for diagnoses.    I appreciate your detailed reply. I'll try that Passmark and see how this compares. 3% is a loooong way from my 100%.   Very Best 73, Jim
  • VE7ATJ_DonVE7ATJ_Don Member ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    The fact that Walt is running 16g of memory while you only have 3g may also be playing into the CPU usage as well.  4g is considered pretty much the 'minimum' nowadays.  Your 3g will work, but I'll bet there is a lot more 'paging' going on (moving stuff in and out of memory) than with Walt's 16g.
    Is there any way you can increase the RAM on your computer?  That might be a cheap, easy fix.

  • Phil M0VSEPhil M0VSE Member ✭✭
    edited March 2017
    When you said "old" industrial PC, how old? If it is the single core Xeons with 800Mhz FSB, these are approaching 13 years old and each CPU has a passmark of 471. A pair might increase this by around 50% but still  long way from the 10,118 that Walt will get with his CPU. RAM will also be a factor as Don mentions. 
  • James Del PrincipeJames Del Principe Member ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Don, the memory on this PC is unobtanium.... no longer made and very hard to find. I had to 'borrow' some when two of mine failed in the past.   I hate to admit it but it is time to retire the old gal.   73, Jim
  • James Del PrincipeJames Del Principe Member ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Phil, they are at least that old. Previously used for digital image processing in a 
    cardiac x-ray machine - hence the gigabit network but no sound card and minimal video capability. Yes, they are single core.    I think it is time for me to just let go. With a tear in my eye ( I worked on many of these in the field) I will give her a send off.     Thanks to all for the informed replies.     73, Jim
  • Tim - W4TMETim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited January 2017
    That CPU is well below the minimum specs to run SmartSDR.  Your processor has a PassMark of 471.  The minimum recommended CPU for SmartSDR is an Intel i3 2100T with a PassMark of 2885.

    PC Hardware Requirements
    Minimum required CPU for SmartSDR is an Intel i3 2100T or an AMD Athlon Phenom II and greater. Lesser processors may not perform adequately when displaying multiple or full screen spectrum displays. However for the optimal user experience, as most hams run multiple applications along with SmartSDR for Windows such as loggers and digital mode programs, a quad-core CPU or greater is highly recommended.

    You need a more modern (and much faster) PC.
  • James Del PrincipeJames Del Principe Member ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Thanks, Tim. I will take this as the definitive answer and go in search of a much more modern PC. It did work with V 1.6.x and an earlier Logger 32 and FLDIGI but it must have been on the borderline. I thought having dual 3.2 GHZ Xeons would have worked but this has been a learning experience.     Many Thanks for you input.     Very Best 73, Jim
  • James Del PrincipeJames Del Principe Member ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Well, here's the outcome and a happy ending.   I broke down and bought a desk top Dell with an Intel Core I3 6100 CPU. It has a passmark score of 5444, not the fastest but plenty for what I need. So now I can run SSDR, FLDIGI, Logger 32 and a browser (Chrome) all at once and no hesitation.
    It has taken quite a while to install all my old programs and bring over files from the old PC and I'm not fully there yet but well worth the effort.
    My thanks to all who commented and made an effort to assist me. Thanks!!! it has been a learning experience. 73, Jim

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