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Bob Donnelly


  • Bob Donnelly
    I live in an urban neighborhood and sometimes have a S 5-7 "BROADBAND HASH NOISE level across the HF bands. It is usually not specific; no specific lines show up in the waterfall, however, I can rotate the Hexbeam and it comes from same the direction as a FM radio transmitter tower. There are 3 commercial FM radio transmitters / antennas with a combined power of 130 KW and I believe just plain rusty bolt intermod is the source of the BROAD BAND HASH. It's so powerful that with my field strength meter connected to the beam I can get a relatively significant strength reading when the antenna is turned toward the FM radio tower. In my mind I confirmed the noise source when electrical power was out in the neighborhood from a snow storm and the noise (in addition to the field strength readings) was still there (I was on back-up battery power). My question: Might a tracking preselector such as the HREOS device reduce the noise getting into my receiver (FLEX 6700) front end. Bob, K8MLM
    April 6